Skeptical critics pick apart CNN’s own hurricane rescue; history shows the network had it coming

“We just literally rescued this guy out.”

President Trump declares National Day of Prayer for Harvey victims

“This is a time for Texans and Americans to unite and pray…”

L’Oréal’s first transgender model learns about consequences after claiming all whites are racists

“First up, let’s put my words in context…”

Navy honors sailors who died in service on the USS John McCain by promoting them

For the time being, the incident is still under investigation.

Geraldo rips into rage-blind Trump critics who question his $1 million Harvey pledge

You’re just noticing the Trump-derangement syndrome now, Geraldo?

Suspect takes police on wild ride by swimming 4,000 feet into the ocean, but then comes the shark…

You can’t make this up.

Acosta repeatedly embarrasses himself grasping at straws to criticize Trump over Harvey, and falling flat

“By the end of his second term you will be in a padded room.”

Utah nurse handcuffed and hauled off for refusing to obey blatantly unconstitutional police orders

“I’ve done nothing wrong! This is crazy!

I’m an American & I’ll do what I want! Lib actor claims Trump’s a big bully, but check out this overseas tirade

“We’re the kings of the world, OK?”

Obama’s 2018 budget request sets him up to become America’s most expensive ex-president

Thank you, taxpayers!

CNN under heavy fire after one of its hosts is accused of ‘inciting rage’ at Berkeley Antifa rally

“I seized the mic and said I was against white supremacy.”

Generals love changes under Trump military authority: ‘We don’t get 20 questions’

“There is a sense among these commanders that they are able to do a bit more …”