Skeptical critics pick apart CNN’s own hurricane rescue; history shows the network had it coming

Video showing the supposed selfless rescue of a Hurricane Harvey victim by a CNN reporter was widely touted by the network, but is now under heavy scrutiny by its critics.

Some on social media have called into question the authenticity of the rescue after spotting, what they believe are inconsistencies in the video.

The network bragged of its correspondent Drew Griffin and his crew rescuing Jerry Sumrall, who drove into flood waters behind them as they were getting set to do a live shot.

During preparation for the shot the camera panned to see a white truck approach and begin to float to the side. Griffin quickly ran with his crew over to the scene and dragged the man out of the vehicle.

“We just literally rescued this guy out,” Griffin said.

“Come on, sir, let’s get you up and into the dry,” Griffin told the extremely calm driver. “How are you doing? Lord have mercy, this is too much of a time for you to be interviewed right now. Are you doing all right? Your heart doing OK? You’re alive, sir. You’re alive.”

Griffin was aided by photographer Scott Pisczek and producer Brian Rokus.

But some social media users have called the video “fake news.”

They cited, what they believe, are several abnormalities in the footage including a lot of cuts and edits.

As Griffin runs towards the vehicle he is wearing khaki shorts, but when the camera cuts back to Griffin pulling the man from the truck he is wearing black pants, according to the amateur sleuths.

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It is very plausible that the man in the original shot was actually someone else on the CNN crew who was wearing khaki shorts.

But others pointed out that Sumrall casually rested his arm on the door after rolling down his window before being rescued — a seemingly strange behavior from someone who is being swept away by flood waters.

The timing is also suspect as it came just after a CNN reporter was excoriated by a flood victim for being insensitive to their plight.

Given CNN’s obsession with reporting fake or overhyped news in an effort to disparage President Donald Trump it is no wonder that many are reluctant to believe what the network says at face value. Lest we forget the time a student flubbed a debate question for Hillary sparking suspicion the event was rigged. In June, CNN was accused of staging a Muslim protest after damning video went viral.

These are but a few examples, which explains the social media response.

That’s the problem with fake news… once you engage, you never go back.

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Carmine Sabia


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