Backstabbers vs. frontstabbers in the swamp

The liberal media does not know how to deal with Trump the businessman.

Illegal alien criminal deported 20 times, found home in sanctuary city, arrested for brutal rape of elderly woman


Kimberly Guilfoyle describes dinner where she reportedly told Trump Priebus was ‘leaker’ and ‘a problem’

“Wait and see what the president decides,” she responded.

More winning: US GDP soars past $19 trillion for first time in American history

“R congress still worthless!”

ICE chief just put mayors of sanctuary cities on notice – YOU will be the ones in cuffs for breaking federal law

“I think these sanctuary cities need to make sure they’re on the right side of the law,” he said.

‘I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face’: Paramedic cuts off snake’s head with pocket knife to save owner

Maybe she’s not a Trump fan. He warned about rescue snakes. 

SG Broadway
Veteran white actor replaces black man in Broadway play, but social justice warrior outcry makes him quit

As for the backlash, here’s a sampling of what he was up against.

Professor takes time from teaching class on Beyoncé to wish someone would ‘just shoot’ President Trump ‘outright’

“Has the FBI contacted you yet?”

SG Varney
Proud, emotional Stuart Varney looks on as daughter makes first appearance on Fox & Friends

Dean noted that she didn’t see dad in the audience and the daughter replied with a laugh, “I told him that I’d call security if he showed up.”

SG Pickle
Talk about obsession … WaPo tracks down 9-year-old ‘Pickle’ to confirm letter to Trump is real

Sorry libs, Pickle-gate has been crushed!

Trump’s Saturday ‘nuclear’ tweetstorm could sink Schumer and revive the Trump Agenda


NY Times finally covers Wasserman Schultz aide FBI scandal and look what they did to it!

The New York Times did not respond to a request for comment.