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Talk about obsession … WaPo tracks down 9-year-old ‘Pickle’ to confirm letter to Trump is real

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And journalists struggle to understand why so few take them seriously…

Giving CNN a run for its money in being obsessed with taking out President Donald Trump, The Washington Post tracked down the 9-year-old who wrote the president a letter.

…to prove he actually exists.

Displaying an intellectual curiosity entirely removed during the Obama presidency, The Post launched a probing investigation to locate Dylan, the young boy who said he goes by “Pickle,” whose letter to the president was read aloud at a press briefing last week.

Journalists questioned why the letter didn’t have crease marks and pointed to spelling disparities to suggest the letter was fake, possibly produced by someone in the administration.

“What kind of 9-year-old would request a birthday party themed around a 71-year-old man?” The Post queried.

“Pickle came to represent everything the nation feared and hoped for: Was the administration a ‘friend’ to the American people? Was the administration trying to pull one over on us?” the newspaper pondered with great angst.

The conspiracy theories ran amok, as seen below from a Canadian sports writer:

The venerable Washington Post called in not one, but TWO handwriting analysts to study the letter, with one saying parts of the letter seemed sophisticated for a 9-year-old, while the other analyst noted that the wide margins seen in the letter wide can indicate a feeling of concern about the future.


But guess what, the baseball-loving Pickle does exist and the newspaper confirmed as much after tracking him down — and it’s fairly safe to say, the discovery ensured that there would be no joy in Mudville.

“Yes. He’s alive,” SueAnn Harbin, the boys’s mother, told The Post. “He’s real. He’s not fake.”

The newspaper also noted that he really does like President Trump.

“He is real, definitely real. He likes watching baseball and riding his scooter and Donald Trump,” the article stated.

The very real Pickle even made an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” rocking his “Make America Great Again” Trump hat.

When asked why he wrote the letter, Dylan replied, “Because I want [President Trump] to be my friend.”

Watch the segment below:

[wpvideo IjyGMbfV]

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