Crotchety white lefty author calls out Kira Davis for ‘white privilege’- there’s just one really big problem

Lots and lots of egg on that face!

New York City rocked by intentional explosion in Chelsea; see photos and video

First and foremost I pray for victims.

Anti-cop letter labeled ‘Doomed’ found at the scene of deadly ambush on police

Police found an envelope labeled “Doomed” with an anti-police note inside at the scene of a deadly shooting rampage in Philadelphia Friday night.

CNN edits Hillary’s embarrassing response to NYC bombing – fixed it right up

We see what you did there, guys.

Black Dallas cop levels lawsuit on Clinton, Obama and Black Lives Matter for inciting ‘race war’

The lawsuit alleges that Obama’s “War On Police” has both endangered law enforcement officers and hurt the communities they are supposed to protect.

‘Zombie Hillary’ responds to NYC bombing sounding ‘drugged’, looking sickly

“She’s more drugged up than a Bill Clinton escort”

ISIS hostage is about to be executed, when his final act is something the terrorist never expects

Is this for real or a hoax?

Trump is attacked for saying ‘bomb’ at rally after Manhattan explosion–just one small problem

Speaking at a rally in Colorado Springs, Trump told the crowd that a bomb had exploded in New York . . .

NYC Mayor de Blasio on Manhattan bombing that wounded 29: ‘Intentional act,’ but not terrorism?

“We have no credible and specific threat at this moment.”

Blumenthal and Clinton deny charge, while bureau chief describes meeting where he was fed Obama birther story

“During the 2008 Democratic primary, Sid Blumenthal visited the Washington Bureau of McClatchy Co.”

Obama who? The ratings from Donald Trump’s Jimmy Fallon appearance just came in

Its highest since . . .

‘Hard to watch’: Tiny kitten’s escape from death, how many cars almost smushed the adorable furball

You gotta see this to believe it.

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