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CNN edits Hillary’s embarrassing response to NYC bombing – fixed it right up

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CNN covered for Hillary Clinton when it edited a statement made by the former secretary of state in response to an explosion that rocked a Manhattan Chelsea neighborhood Saturday night.

In her actual statement, the Democratic presidential nominee called the explosion a “bombing,” while at the same time chastising Donald Trump for calling it the same. Oops.

Here’s Clinton’s full statement, as reported by ABC News’ Liz Kreutz:

“I’ve been briefed about bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attacks in Minnesota,” she told reporters aboard her campaign aircraft. She then launched into a call for support of first responders in these attacks.

Trump, her Republican rival for the White House was scolded by media figures for also referring to the New Jersey and New York events as bombings. Reporters were apparently deaf when Clinton said the same.

But, TruthKings.com reported this clip from CNN on the same statement, where it edited out Clinton’s depiction of the event as a bombing, as well as any reference to the other two events.

The site clipped a few screencaps to show other CNN reports blasting Trump for using the word “bomb.” That would explain the edit from such an unbiased, upstanding news site like . . . oh, wait, nevermind.



This marked one of Clinton’s first press appearances following her reported bout with pneumonia, and her drugged, sickly appearance made some say that she should have been bedridden rather than campaigning.

Earlier Saturday, a pipe bomb exploded striking fear among participants at a New Jersey charity run. No one was injured, but the event was cancelled as authorities searched the boardwalk and beach for evidence.

Terror also struck the Midwest Saturday night when a man wearing a security uniform and referencing Allah, went on a knife-wielding rampage at a St. Paul, Minnesota mall and left at least eight injured.

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