‘So disgusted!’ Philando Castile’s angry mother says don’t give money to FAKE fiance ‘Diamond’ or kid

“I am so disgusted!! People are trying to capitalise (sic) on my son’s tragedy for personal gain through GoFundMe!!!”

‘God’s Not Dead 2′ ad rejected for Cleveland convention as ‘way too incendiary,’ all eyes on GOP to intervene

A Republican congressman is launching an inquiry into why a sign promoting a Christian film in downtown Cleveland was rejected by the billboard company as being too controversial […]

Watch wild battle as CNN Turkey was forced at gunpoint to stop broadcast; soldiers get beatdown

In a terrifying example of the media becoming the story, the armed takeover of CNN’s sister network, CNN Turk, during Friday’s reported military coup in Turkey was caught on camera.

poland int min
No-PC Poland is no pushover! Polish Interior Minister tells the world why, and Obama NEEDS to listen up

‘We don’t have such problems,” he said. “This is a consequence of the policy of multicultural politics and political correctness.”

‘Loser Jeb!’ rains on Trump’s parade before convention, makes ‘sad’ prediction about his future

“As much as I reject Donald Trump as our party leader”…

Social media star killed by her brother in apparent ‘honor killing’ over these provocative photos

Pakistani social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch was allegedly strangled by a brother in what appears to be an Islamic “honor killing.” According to police, one of Baloch’s brothers strangled […]

Meet the new app that lets you talk politics anonymously

Uncensored and anonymous? Sound like fun to you?

You be the judge: Was Mike Pence able to sell Trump’s Muslim ban proposal after he once ripped it to shreds?

He once called it offensive and unconstitutional. Listen to what he said to Hannity Friday night.

Megyn Kelly riles up comedian in hot race exchange and look what he does the very next night . . .

“I don’t dodge things,” he said.

Watch: Trump introduces ‘new VP Mike Pence’ in energizing press conference

Watch Saturday’s press conference here.

‘Orange is the New Black’ is infuriating vets with the way it’s portraying the military

The new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ does a huge disservice to the veteran identity

A stunning percentage of Muslim youth in France support suicide bombing, US isn’t much better

Import a population of people, almost half of whom believe suicide bombing is a legitimate means of subduing those pesky infidels, and odds are you’re bound for some sort of trouble