Melissa Harris-Perry: Deportation is a ‘fugitive slave law’ . . . under Obama

As illegal immigrants in Flint hesitate to open their doors for fear of being deported, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said Saturday that she did not want this […]

Ted Cruz’s controversial public shaming mailer backfires

Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio leveled a damning charge against rival Ted Cruz during Thursday’s debate, saying his opponent is “willing to say or do anything in […]

Australian bombshell model tired of being ‘sexually harassed’ gets revenge on men

A beautiful Australian mo says she’s tired of being sexually harassed and is striking back. Emily Sears, who now resides in Los Angeles, told BuzzFeed that she […]

Army Ranger’s touching Taco Bell moment captures nation’s heart

An Army Ranger doingwhat he “was raised to do” has captured the heart of the nation he serves. Lt. Col. Robert Risdon and a friend stopped at […]

Merkel: Syrian migrants must go home when war ends

Facing growing pressure to resign over her increasingly unpopular welcoming policy towards migrants, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave ground Saturday . . .

Video: Amazing police headshot drops thug who’s gripping a hostage

A tense situation unfolded at an Irving, Texas check-cashing store Friday where a woman was taken hostage. Officers arrived to the scene of a robbery at the […]

Sweetest note from grandma goes viral after grandpa adds THIS . . .

A loving note from a grandmother has gone viral, but not just for its heartfelt sentiment. The note, posted on Imgur, was replete with Grandma’s praises and […]

Homeless man proudly takes major credit cards

An enterprising homeless man has taken panhandling into the modern age. Abe Hagenston, 42, accepts credit cards through Square on his mobile phone and even on his […]

Bill plans to ban iPhones from being sold in New York, Apple would face fines of $2,500 per device

A New York lawmaker has proposed a bill that would ban iPhones from being sold in the state

Video of ruthless road rage battle gets hilarious Stars War makeover

A video of a ruthless road rage battle in Austin, Texas, between a man armed with a baseball bat and a man with a large pole to […]

Yabba dabba don’t? Hanna-Barbera messes with our favorite childhood memories

Everything old is new again in the world of comics and animation as DC Entertainment announced the release of new comics based on old characters. Coming on […]

After getting shot in chest, guy puffs cigarette, gives chill live news interview

Those must be some good meds! An Illinois reporter got an impromptu interview from a shooting victim who was mellow than one might expect after being […]