Video: Amazing police headshot drops thug who’s gripping a hostage

A tense situation unfolded at an Irving, Texas check-cashing store Friday where a woman was taken hostage.

Officers arrived to the scene of a robbery at the Cash Store after an employee set off an alarm, according to Dallas News.

When they arrived the thug had a woman in his grasp and threatened to hurt her if the officers came too close.

The gunmen then threatened to take the woman into a vehicle with him and that’s when the officers made their move.

As he moved towards the vehicle with the woman they shot him in the head killing him, Dallas News reported.

“The two officers were here quickly, within minutes and were able to engage the suspect,” police spokesman James McLellan told the Dallas News. “They couldn’t let him leave with the hostage. … By all appearances, this was the last resort for them.”

The woman was unharmed in the incident that was all caught on a bystander’s video.

Watch below.


Carmine Sabia


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