Yabba dabba don’t? Hanna-Barbera messes with our favorite childhood memories

Photo from DC Comics.comTHE FLINTSTONES – Based on character designs by Amanda Conner SEE MORE
Photo from DC Comics.com THE FLINTSTONES – Based on character designs by Amanda Conner

Everything old is new again in the world of comics and animation as DC Entertainment announced the release of new comics based on old characters.

Coming on the heels of Barbie’s makeover by Mattel, DC is remaking favorite Hanna-Barbera characters in a new line of comics coming in May, reported Entertainment Weekly.

For those who remember the ritual of Saturday morning cartoon-watching, Fred Flintstone, Scooby-Doo, and Jonny Quest are familiar names. DC is hoping to bring the characters back in a fresh way, reaching old fans and new with upcoming books like “Scooby Apocalypse,” “Future Quest,” and  “Wacky Raceland.”

Co-publisher of DC Entertainment, Dan DiDio, said the characters “resonate with so much of our fanbase.”

“It was so fun to go out and look at them,” he said. “But not just bring back versions that existed 40, 50 years ago and really look at it the way of saying, if these characters were created and interpreted today, how would they exist?”

Veteran artist and co-publisher, Jim Lee joked that reaction to the remakes would be “Outrage!”

“I hope that they put a smile on people’s faces. I think we think of these characters so much as our childhood, and I want people to kind of embrace these updated versions of the characters and really understand that at the core, these concepts are not just limited to little kids.”

DiDio noted that the goal is to reach old and new fans, and for the material to be enjoyable by anyone. “Our goal is to make this exciting and accessible to all generations, whether they’re fans of the material and the characters or not,” he said.

While new fans may well enjoy the re-born characters, it remains to be seen whether fans of the original Hanna-Barbera cartoons will be as excited with the makeover.

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For a full preview of the upcoming comics, with images and synopses, see DC Comics page by clicking here.

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