Homeless man proudly takes major credit cards

Screenshot via WDIV.
Screenshot via WDIV.

An enterprising homeless man has taken panhandling into the modern age.

Abe Hagenston, 42, accepts credit cards through Square on his mobile phone and even on his website where he can be hired to do odd jobs.

“People don’t realize how tough it is to come from nothing when you don’t have any family or any friends,” the man who calls himself Honest Abe, told WDIV.

He updates his website from the public library and it has already paid dividends by helping him acquire work, WDIV reported.

“I’ve done some painting,” Hagenston said. “I’ve taken some other guys out on team jobs where I needed a couple extra guys to carry some things.”

He told the station he has big dreams.

Hagenston said he wants to create an app to out phony panhandlers and would someday like to run a nonprofit to help other homeless people.

“I’m trying to turn this situation into something that will not only help me, but help others,” he tod WDIV. “I’d like to see America start granting homeless people a real shot.”

Until then he is making lemonade out of lemons and taking all major credit cards.

“Being homeless is my business. Now my business is being homeless,” Hagenston said.

Watch the report below.

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