Eye of Newt: Gingrich evaluates 2016’s political climate

Surveying the 2016 presidential election, master political statesman and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the race for the White House is “utterly unpredictable.”

Care packages volunteers are sending to America’s dogs on front line

The American Humane Association (AHA) is sending much-needed Superbowl cheer to servicemembers and military dogs overseas.

Trump’s farewell to Iowa: ‘Don’t be insulted, you haven’t had a winner in 16 years’

Two days away from the Iowa caucus, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump ivered what amounted to a farewell speech to the state, reminding his supporters that they […]

Man takes vicious beating for not controlling his disruptive, spitting wife on NYC subway

An angry woman disrupted an entire subway car full of riders and caused her husband to take a vicious beating after spitting on a man. The series […]

Miami woman with chutzpah chases cop, pulls HIM over for speeding; his reaction is unbelievable

If you haven’t had your Sunday smile yet, you’re in luck. In the tradition of a “man bites dog” story, a Miami motorist pulled over a law […]

Iran awards ‘Medal of Victory’ to men who captured US sailors

Iran celebrated its capture of 10 U.S. sailors earlier this month by awarding five of their captors the Fath (Victory) Medal.

Cheerleaders who displayed Bible verses are vindicated by Texas court

A group of Texas cheerleaders showing their Christian faith have been vindicated. On Friday, the state’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the girls who sometimes chose […]

Yikes! Lib activist Susan Sarandon forgot to wear shirt to awards, gave SAG whole new meaning

Susan Sarandonoozed disrespect Saturday night while giving new meaning to the SAG Awards. The 69-year-old veteran actress to the stage at the awards ceremony to iver the […]

Cruz refuses to apologize for ‘voter shaming’ mailer, even fans call it ‘colossal misstep’

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz refused to apologize for a controversial “voter shaming” er sent out to Iowans in therun up to Monday’s all important Iowa caucus. […]

Police officer escorted out of his college classroom — for being in full uniform

A uniformed Georgia police officer was escorted out of the classroom of a college course he was attending for wearing one essential item of his uniform — […]

FBI, DOJ are ‘super pissed off’ that White House weighed in on Clinton email scandal, reports say

Fox News sources at the FBI and the Department of Justice are “super pissed off” that the White House is not only weighing in on former Secretary […]

I’m not a stripper! Fox News’ Stacey Dash to sue strip club for using her Playboy image on this flyer

Forced to declare that she is not a stripper, actress and Fox News contributorStaceyDash is threatening to sue a strip club fortarnishing her image to promote an […]