Trump’s farewell to Iowa: ‘Don’t be insulted, you haven’t had a winner in 16 years’

Two days away from the Iowa caucus, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump delivered what amounted to a farewell speech to the state, reminding his supporters that they must show up on Monday or “we’ve all wasted our time.”

Speaking from the tarmac at the Dubuque Regional Airport on Saturday, the candidate told those who stand with him that it’s all up to them.

“This is now crunch time,” Trump said. “This is what it’s all about, that we have to get out there and caucus and do all the things we have to do, or we’ve all wasted our time.”

An “expensive” waste of time, as he explained later.

“Unless I win, I would consider this a big, fat, beautiful — and, by the way, a very expensive — waste of time,” Trump said.

While he spoke to the adults, the real estate tycoon invited the children present to tour his airplane, which sat in the background.

Trump told the audience “we have a chance to do something so historical,” suggesting he might even “run the table.”

But he warned of a “cascading” effect otherwise, saying: “If I don’t win, maybe bad things happen.”

And Trump laid the groundwork for a ready-made excuse if case that happens.

“”I have to say this — don’t be insulted — you haven’t had a winner in 16 years,” he told the Iowa crowd. “You pick people. What are you doing?”

The full speech can be seen here, with Trump arriving at the 52-minute mark:

Tom Tillison


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