Best political cartoons: Surprise! Murderer!

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

Elon Musk flags tweet from Iran’s ‘supreme leader’ celebrating Hamas savagery in Israel

Elon Musk flagged an egregious post from Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei celebrating Hamas savagery over the weekend that resulted in than 700 dead in Israel, […]

Elon Musk sets sights on CNN: ‘And they wonder why no one takes them seriously’

Elon Musk said what many Americans think when it comes to ratings-challenged CNN, suggesting that “no one takes them seriously.” CNN cited a new study published in […]

‘Imagination Land!’ Musk irks pro-jab crowd with anti-vaxx meme

Elon Musk, who let it be known last week that his third COVID-19 vaccine shot nearly landed him in the hospital, triggered the pro-jab crowd on Sunday […]

Kelly Clarkson surprises Vegas street musician: ‘Are you f—king kidding me?’

Kelly Clarkson gave a Las Vegas street musician the thrill of a lifetime Saturday when she agreed to join in on a cover of Tina Turner’s “What’s […]

WATCH: ‘The View’ APOLOGY ISSUED – they know what they did!

The ladies of ‘The View’ are no strangers to the controversy generated by their political takes, often being forced to apologize for “inaccurate” or “unclear” remarks made […]

Brazen car thieves hijack man of high-end sports car IN his garage

Criminals are getting bolder and bolder in Joe Biden’s America and while it may or may not be a stretch to tie this to a wide-open southern […]

Australian journalist shocked to discover she named her son ‘Methamphetamine Rules’

Naming a child is a massive task, as whatever a parent chooses will stay with them through their lives. So what happens when you name your child […]

‘Are they spayed and neutered?’ Twitter has a bone to pick with dog-people meet-up

Another day, another group of people seeking attention for being different. This time we have a meet-up of people who seem to want to identify as dogs, […]

‘This is why you don’t let children choose their gender’

Why wouldn’t you let your child choose to permanently alter their body? The answer seems obvious, of course. If you want to get nerdy, the prefrontal cortex […]

Elon Musk v Ice Cube is the X battle you’ve been waiting for – or is it?

What can be entertaining for the great unwashed than to watch wealthy behemoths go at one another in a meme war? The battle royal began when […]

The moment bar patrons realized they’d have to pay their tabs captured on video

Jack’s American Pub, located in Milwaukee, was offering free drinks if the New York Jets lost their Monday Night Football matchup with the Buffalo Bills. Starting his […]

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