7-Eleven clerk in Texas set upon by violent mob for reportedly not selling them cigars

Working at a convenience store is the lawless America of 2023 should include combat pay. In a scene that calls to mind the term “wilding,” a 7-11 […]

Andrew Tate: ‘Most Googled woman in the world?’

Somehow, you suspect former kickboxer champion Andrew Tate may be hoping someone disputes his claim that he too is a woman. The controversial figure responded to an […]

Travis Kelce just wanted to play president but Patrick Mahomes shut him down

Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs were able to visit the White House, a golden opportunity for Travis Kelce to get in some practice behind the presidential […]

Another day, another drunk airline passenger fights cops while getting dragged off flight

Something about the last few years has made people WAY too comfortable getting drunk and acting a fool on airplanes, but I’d be lying if I said […]

‘You’re the one dressed up as a raccoon’: Watters’ bizarre furry interview is a MUST see

The year is 2023, and Fox News host Jesse Watters is interviewing a furry. Didn’t have that on your Bingo card, did ya? For those unfamiliar with […]

Not-so-bright thief feeling ‘boxed in’ by his disguise exposes his mug at the worst possible time

A not-so-bright thief was feeling boxed in by his chosen means of disguise and momentarily removed a cardboard box he placed over his head, which ultimately lead […]

Based vet threatens to shoot ‘woke commie protesters’

The World War Two generation was known as the “Greatest Generation,” in large part because they knew how to get things done and didn’t suffer fools in […]

Biden’s fall: The version you HAVEN’T seen!

“SOMETHiNG WiCKED” has done it again, finding the most hilarious memes on and sharing them with the rest of us! “Fore!”:golf:️ pic..com/FDmfjg63UF — SOMETHiNG WiCKED (@som3thingwicked) […]

San Fran spends millions on ad campaign to paint a city covered in feces and heroin needles as quirky and fun

Can you think of anything fun than having to step over steaming piles of human feces and used drug needles to get to an overpriced hole-in-the-wall […]

Rocker chooses to rage WITH the machine in outraged message to DeSantis supporters

The lead singer for ‘Para’ has decided to try her hand at being stunning and brave by taking the totally not mainstream stance that Florida Governor Ron […]

‘She needs her a** whooped’: Disrespectful brat runs amok in Walmart, attacks grandma

I shudder to think how any adult in my life would have responded to me acting like this as a child. Picture it, you’re taking your granddaughter […]

Hot-headed hubby’s reaction to wife coming in 2nd at beauty pageant goes viral

Some people were never taught how to lose gracefully. The tiara-awarding ceremony during the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 in Brazil, an LGBT pageant, was disturbed by […]