Idiot tourist causes $5,400 in damages to famous Italian fountain in pursuit of a selfie

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it’s also worth about $5,400. One German tourist found this out the hard way when he decided climbing […]

Bull named ‘Howdy Doody’ gets police called on him for taking a car ride

We all have opinions about the types of people who hang out the passenger side of their best friend’s ride, but what happens when it’s a whole […]

Migrant protests in NYC heat up, one man drops his pants to prove a point!

Protest comes in all shapes and sizes, and apparently now in various states of undress. A new migrant center in New York City has residents up in […]

Back to school nightmare in woke Fairfax County: One parent’s WICKED warning

In a BizPac Review exclusive, a parent who wished to remain anonymous issued several warnings about children attending public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, which is essentially […]

Chanel high-end diner popping up in Brooklyn features simply inedible menu items

High-fashion brand Chanel is celebrating the launch of its new fragrance with an out-of-the-box marketing campaign. When you think Chanel, you think Paris, caviar and private limousine […]

Harvard professor claims ‘alien objects’ found at bottom of Pacific Ocean are from UFO crash

“For the first time in recorded history, scientists have confirmed the existence of alien, interstellar material on earth.” That’s according to MSN, which cited Harvard Professor Avi […]

‘I’ll say something to piss you off right now’: Egos clash on Day 2 of FS1’s revamped ‘Undisputed’

FS1’s Undisputed relaunched this week without Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe, who departed after almost seven years of co-hosting the show when he […]

Kamala Harris MOCKS patriotic Americans with a nasty label!

Vice President Kamala Harris put out a statement that paints all Republican presidential candidates with a wide, nasty brush. Following the first GOP primate debate which featured […]

Bill and Hillary SEPARATED – embarrassing photo shows the truth!

Former President and Secretary of State Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared to keep their distance from each other following a birthday celebration. The casually dressed couple was […]

‘Sparks outside’: Terrified passengers scream as flight lands hard amid Tropical Storm Hilary

Flying already sucks, but flying into an airport that is experiencing extreme weather is an experience that is guaranteed to be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. […]

American of the Year award goes to the man who shot robber while holding a 6-pack

This may not have been what the Second Amendment was specifically designed for, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t work like a charm! A convenience store […]

Reward grows to ID triggered arsonist who torches ‘Trump Won’ sign

A deranged man on a bicycle — assumed to be a liberal — was caught on video setting fire to a “Trump Won” sign after a feeble […]