Bedlam outside Manhattan courthouse as protesters clash with each other and the press

As the country waits for former President Trump to arrive at the Manhattan courthouse where he will be arraigned at 2:15 pm today, the scene outside is […]

‘He saved my life’: Heart-stopping video shows skier save snowboarder buried alive in snow

Francis Zuber was side-country skiing on Mt. Baker in northern Washington when a “flash of color” caught his eye. The color turned out to be the snowboard […]

Large egg companies accused of ‘extortion’ for spiking prices over 700% for profits

America’s largest egg producer was left with some explaining to do after reports indicated a than 700 percent profit increase last quarter with only a one […]

Wyoming Dem lawmaker accused of pushing ‘politically-motivated murders’ on social media

The over-the-top machinations from hard-left Democrats to demonize Republicans is leading people to the ultimate place when consistently reducing an entire group of people to Nazis and […]

Transgender pastor defends ‘marginalized’ Nashville killer, compares to Jesus’ crucifixion

Micah Louwagie, the newly installed transgender pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota, compared the transgender Nashville shooter’s death to Jesus being betrayed and […]

Pastor compares Nashville shooter’s trans identity to Jesus’ crucifixion

A Lutheran pastor appeared to compare Jesus’ crucifixion with the transgender Nashville school shooter in a sermon ivered just days after the attack. Pastor Micah Louwagie, who […]

Hotel staffer sues NYC after alleged assault by ‘illegal migrant’ being housed there

Failure by city workers to address safety concerns led one New York City cleaning woman to file suit after she was allegedly assaulted by an illegal alien […]

Biden admin ‘beginning contracting process’ for long-term Ukraine aid in $2.6 billion weapons package

The Biden administration announced $2.6 billion in security assistance for Ukraine, $2.1 billion of which will go toward sourcing new munitions directly from American manufacturers. As Ukraine’s […]

Teacher who was shot by 6-year-old files $40M lawsuit against school board, top administrators

The Virginia first-grade teacher shot by a 6-year-old student filed a $40 million lawsuit against the school which she asserts refused to search him “for the firearm […]

School revises race-based play auditions after civil rights complaint

A Massachusetts high school is no longer limiting play auditions on the basis of race, a Department of Education Office of Civil Rights investigation found. In October, […]

Kaepernick claims it has been ‘very difficult’ to call out his white parents for racism, then doubles down

Former NFL player turned racial activist Colin Kaepernick is apparently doubling down on calling his white adoptive parents racist, saying it has been “very difficult” to accuse […]

After pushing to shut coal plants down, Biden shells out millions for green projects in coal towns

The Biden administration announced hundreds of millions of dollars to support green energy projects in current and former coal towns Tuesday morning, as the administration continues to […]