Coach makes dramatic rescue of US swimmer at bottom of pool when ‘lifeguards weren’t doing it’

An American swimmer who passed out in the pool during the World Aquatics Championships on Wednesday was dramatically rescued by her coach who assumed the role of […]

‘Thank you, President Trump!’ Reaction pours in over ‘momentous’ SCOTUS ruling on gun rights

  (Video Credit: Fox News) Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley applauded the 6-3 ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of New York gun owners, calling it […]

‘The kid’s got some stones’: Kyle Rittenhouse’s new video game will NOT be well received by legacy media

Kyle Rittenhouse is funding his lawsuits against the media with a clever video game that takes direct aim at fake news and is sure to massively trigger […]

Vietnam veteran suffers brain bleed after VA ‘patient advocate’ goes ‘Mike Tyson’ on him

Startling surveillance video purports to show a Department of Veterans Affairs patient advocate allegedly grabbing an elderly veteran by the neck, throwing him to the floor, and […]

Ted Cruz practically dares Biden and Harris to come see the ‘Biden cages’ and atrocities at the border

(Video Credit: Senator Ted Cruz) Senator Ted Cruz blasted President Biden’s “open border policies” during a fiery speech that charged his administration with the “suffering, chaos, and […]

‘Maybe take a look…’ Rick Wilson RAGES at ‘anti-vaxxers’ for polio, but did he even read the article?

It is all the rage to blame “anti-vaxxers” for the world’s ills, but one may want to read more than the headline of an article before ranting […]

Jussie Smollett insists he’s not a ‘piece of sh*t’, wants to see prison system ‘dismantled’ after 6-day stint

Jussie Smollett is back and better than ever. Fresh off a six-day sentence in jail, Smollett wants the world to know that he’s actually a really great […]

Police investigate death of Baltimore Ravens linebacker, 26, who was reportedly in ‘best shape of his career’

Authorities are reportedly investigating the tragic death of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson and have allegedly not excluded the possibility of an overdose. Retired Ravens legend Tony […]

Zuckerberg, Jim Cramer talk ‘massive economy’, spending real money for ‘digital goods’ in virtual ‘Metaverse’

(Video: CNBC) With a heaping of Silicon Valley word salad, an “excited” and purportedly happiness-promoting Mark Zuckerberg took to CNBC on Wednesday to, in part, tout the […]

North Dakota AG demands trust linked to Bill Gates justify its six-parcel land grab

A controversial farmland purchase by a trust allegedly connected to Microsoft co-founder and would-be land baron Bill Gates has come to the attention of North Dakota’s attorney […]

‘The Squad’ vs ‘The Quad’: Four ‘Real deal’ Latina GOP women vow to fight for the ‘American Dream’

(Video Credit: Fox News) As four Latina GOP women, dubbed “The Quad,” celebrate political victories, “Outnumbered” co-host Kayleigh McEnany is calling them the “real deal” despite being […]

Kevin McCarthy, top Republicans propose legislation to stop Gmail censorship of conservatives

Combating the censorship of conservatives and anyone or anything that’s even slightly right-of-center by Big Tech is one of the most important battles for Republican leadership—and they […]

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