Biden admin introduces ‘education and counseling’ plan for essential workers, cops who are unvaxxed

(Video: Fox News) Somehow, it’s only fitting that a reeducation strategy fits into the Biden administration’s authoritarian approach to force COVID-19 vaccines in the population to supposedly […]

Former CDC Director so freaked out over his barber not wearing a mask that he took action – and tweeted

Former CDC Director Tom Frieden to to on Saturday to complain in a triggered tweet about his barber daring to go maskless while cutting his hair. […]

NYC man accused of trying to strangle 11-year old girl in park already arraigned, out on bail

In yet another disturbing incident in crime-ridden New York City, cops have arrested a man who allegedly slugged and tried to che a pre-teen inside a lower […]

New questions follow Hunter Biden’s big art show, his dealer flaunts Camp David hat

Ever get the feeling that watching the Biden administration is like being on the outside of some practical je that everybody in the administration is in on? […]

Lisa Boothe refuses vax, infected Cavuto begs audience to take it: ‘I’m doubling down as a middle finger to Biden’s tyranny’

  (Video Credit: Fox News | Unfiltered with Dan Bongino) Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe revealed to “Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino Saturday that she is unvaccinated, explaining […]

DeSantis makes announcement on new ways to fight: ‘We’re not going to let the DOJ be weaponized’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a strong message to the White House that the Biden administration’s authoritarian overreach will be met with fierce resistance in the Sunshine […]

Overpaid diva? Norah O’Donnell could lose her gig at ‘CBS Evening News’

“Overpaid diva” Norah O’Donnell may lose her gig as anchor of the third-place “CBS Evening News” broadcast. Executives are reportedly loing to cut costs, and O’Donnell’s purported […]

Trump rips Fox News for airing attack ads against him, reminds network its competition does not run pro-Trump ads

Former President Donald Trump unleashed on Fox News in a statement released Sunday for allowing “horrible and untruthful anti-Trump commercials to be run.” “What good is it […]

SCOTUS a new target for Dems, media; push for Congress to challenge Trump-appointed ‘extremists’

(Video: MSNBC) Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., attacked the U.S. Supreme Court in an appearance Sunday on MSNBC, saying it’s an “extremist court” that is “out of step […]

‘Let Kyrie play’ protesters storm doors at NBA season opener

Protests bre out at the Barclays Center in New York on Sunday in a show of support for Brolyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving who is being punished […]

New hit piece claims WH staffers, GOP members of Congress promised pardons to Jan. 6 organizers

Rolling Stone published a hit piece on Sunday claiming that a number of Jan. 6 organizers engaged in meetings with Republican members of Congress as well as […]

Michael Matteo: American Newspeak – 1984 is here

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. From 1984: “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range […]