Google employees shared concerns over location tracking, Arizona lawsuit reveals

An ongoing lawsuit against Google by the Arizona attorney general’s office, which alleges that the tech behemoth has continued to collect location information even when users had turned tracking […]

Calif. café flips script, charges patrons $5 for wearing mask, 50% off if they throw it in trash bin

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Bezos bio dishes on alleged Saudi role in exposing love affair, truth behind penis pic

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RF Court
The last days of Roe v. Wade?

Pro-choice abortion advocates are warning ominously that the Supreme Court is about to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights decision. The head of the Center for Reproductive Rights said […]

McCaul: Covid origin ‘worst cover-up in human history’

Texas Rep. Mike McCaul on Sunday said it was “more likely than not” that the coronavirus originated from a lab accident, calling it the “worst cover-up in […]

Journalist Andy Ngo reportedly assaulted AGAIN by Antifa rioters in Portland

Investigative journalist Andy Ngo was reportedly assaulted again by members of the Antifa anarchist collective in Portland, the second such attack since he has been covering ongoing […]

Trump blasts Biden for ‘destroying our country’ with border decisions

Former President Donald Trump blasted President Biden on his handling of China, the Middle East and the crisis at the southern border, saying his successor is “destroying […]

Expert warns of ‘COVID-32’ if origins of COVID-19 are not uncovered

A full investigation into the origin of COVID-19 in China is “absolutely critical” in order to prevent future pandemics — and avoid “COVID-32,” an expert warned Sunday. […]

Florida rock concert charging $18 per ticket for vaccinated, $999 for unvaccinated

Punk rock used to be the bastion for anti-government sentiments but that appears to be changing in Florida as one concert promoter will require concert-goers to conform […]

Buttigieg backs Biden’s record $6 trillion budget as ‘responsible,’ while selling tax increase

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, whose most formidable policy experience prior to his current position was as mayor of South Bend, Ind., came out in support of President […]

Parent-led mob of 8 females allegedly storm NC high school, attack teen in classroom

A group of eight females, including a parent, allegedly converged upon and assaulted a 14-year-old girl in a North Carolina classroom earlier this week in a disturbing […]

Biden received funds from top Russian lobbyist prior to waiving Nord Stream 2 sanctions 

New reports have shown that President Biden received a campaign donation from top Russia lobbyist and former Republican, Richard Burt, just months before Biden made the controversial […]