‘Kicked out on his a**’: Emails show faction of fed officials celebrated Biden’s unprecedented firing of Trump’s labor board leader

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF A faction of staffers within the National Labor Relations Board celebrated President Joe Biden’s unprecedented termination of the agency’s former leader, emails obtained by […]

Watch fourth-grader blast teacher’s hypocrisy, nonsensical mask mandate at emergency board meeting

A fourth-grader at an emergency school board meeting courageously stood up and pleaded his case to end the mask mandate at his school immediately instead of when […]

RF Capitol
Will it be cheaper one day to burn your dollars than to buy oil to heat your home with it?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Inflation impacts the price of hard assets as well as goods and services. You can’t push […]

Virginia puts Little League baseball coaches on notice for ‘anti-racist’ training

Those who want to coach Little League Baseball this year will have to undergo so-called “anti-racism training” that reportedly consists of a curriculum similar to that of […]

‘I slapped her once’: School bus driver in world of trouble after striking 10-yr-old over mask

A Colorado school bus driver has admitted that he slapped a 10-year-old girl over a dispute involving how she was wearing her face mask. Not that Bertram […]

Teachers union prez admits CDC ‘asked for language’ on opening schools, and doesn’t see a problem with it

On the same day that a million-dollar campaign accused President Joe Biden of working with dark money and powerful teachers’ unions to keep schools closed, the head […]

Trump model coronavirus briefing
Report: Early Covid treatments could have saved thousands of lives, but research was suppressed

Perhaps as many as 100,000 Americans who died from complications related to COVID-19 would still be alive if research had not been suppressed and treatments including one […]

‘So, Rand Paul was right’: Fauci ripped when he lets slip he was wearing a mask for imagery

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on ABC with anchor George Stephanopoulos to discuss the CDC’s new guidelines where he admitted that wearing a mask inside while he was […]

Candace Owens: Folks need to keep their eyes on Dr. ‘Simon Says’ Fauci because ‘this man is corrupt’

Conservative author and podcaster Candace Owens mocked Dr. Anthony Fauci Monday evening, accusing him of making up COVID-19 guidance and comparing his recommendations to the follow-along game […]

‘Where are we heading?’ Jewish host APOLOGIZES to black instructor talking about gassing white ‘friends’

Much of white society has been browbeaten into submission by the radical left’s racial victimization ideology. The application of white guilt being so thorough that even the […]

Hannity delivers a ‘special message for England’s royal pain in the a** Prince Harry’

On Monday, Sean Hannity tore into Prince Harry telling him that Americans don’t need a lecture on the First Amendment after he called it “bonkers” and said […]

Airlines mull weighing passengers at gates for certain flights due to heavy loads

U.S. airlines may begin weighing passengers at gates for flights involving smaller aircraft in order to comply with new Federal Aviation Administration rules aimed at addressing the […]

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