Andrew Yang heckled, called ‘pro-cop’ at Daunte Wright protest: ‘We don’t want you here’

New York City Democratic mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang was mocked and heckled as “pro-cop” on Tuesday when he tried to take part in a protest bike ride […]

Fauci claps back at Tucker Carlson’s valid vaccine inquiry: ‘Typical crazy conspiracy theory’

Dr. Anthony Fauci aggressively barked back at Fox News host Tucker Carlson for questioning the safety and effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines and called his comments “a […]

Scalice breaks out milk carton in old-school roast of VP Harris, who won’t visit border

GOP Representative Steve Scalise is trying to find Vice President Kamala Harris, who he says is “missing at the border.” His method of recovery is old-school, but […]

Minn shop hit by George Floyd riots, Covid lockdowns, opened 2 weeks ago only to be looted again

Looters have reportedly targeted a just-reopened Minneapolis business that was previously ransacked for about $150,000 worth of inventory during the civil unrest that followed the death of […]

‘WHAT border crisis?’: Wa-Po dragged for puff piece featuring VP Harris’ crocheting

The Washington Post was mocked online following the publication of a glowing piece featuring Vice President Kamala Harris crocheting as the border crisis she was put in […]

Turns out, Sylvester Stallone NOT a Mar-a-Lago member… just an animal lover

The Trump-hating, blue-check brigade on Twitter can now rest easy because it turns out that the iconic star of the Rocky, Rambo, and Expendables movie franchises was just […]

Rep. Cawthorn’s ‘Donument Act’ protects Trump border wall as national monument

North Carolina’s Rep. Madison Cawthorn has proposed a bill that would protect the wall along the southern border from those who might seek to alter or destroy […]

Guatemala disputes Biden admin claim of a signed deal to bolster security on its border

Guatemalan government officials have pushed back on the Biden administration, saying that no deal has been signed with Washington to increase security along their country’s border. The […]

Blame game: Politico poll dares ask if Fox News, CNN to ‘blame’ for mass shootings

A new poll released by Politico asked respondents how much they blame Fox News, CNN, and others for mass shootings. The Politico/Morning Consult poll asked: “How much […]

Ben Shapiro: The fight over identity

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. America has been wrecked on the shoals of identity. Identity politics has been characterized casually as […]

Michelle Malkin: America’s media-poisoned well

It’s springtime in America. In the halcyon days, we’d ring in the new season with fresh starts and fragrant flowers. But in 2021, the arrival of April […]

‘I can’t stay silent’: NYC math teacher rips school’s ‘critical race theory’ indoctrination

A New York City high school math teacher has put his job and reputation on the line by publishing an essay slamming the “indoctrination” of Critical Race […]

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