Rep. Cawthorn’s ‘Donument Act’ protects Trump border wall as national monument

North Carolina’s Rep. Madison Cawthorn has proposed a bill that would protect the wall along the southern border from those who might seek to alter or destroy it.

Democrats have made clear their disdain for former President Donald Trump’s border wall construction, but that isn’t going to stop Cawthorn from doing what he can to preserve it. The “Donument Act” would, if passed, officially create the “Southern Border Wall National Monument.”

This designation would give the wall “permanent protection from alteration.”

In sharing the legislation online, Cawthorn added, “This is the first step towards finishing the wall.”

In a press release from his office, Cawthorn lauded Trump’s efforts to secure the United States-Mexico border, and ripped Biden’s move to pause contruction and funding.

“For four years President Trump worked to secure the southern border of the United States by constructing a wall in places where there was little to no fencing. The efforts by the Trump Administration to safeguard our southern border, through the construction of a border wall, reduced drug and human trafficking, and throttled the flow of illegal immigration,” he explained. “President Trump was able to build 455 miles of wall by the time he left office, and had funds allocated for further construction. A secure southern border was no longer simply a dream, it was a tangible reality. Sadly this reality is fast disappearing.”

The young Republican was not shy about pointing fingers at who was responsible for the country’s border problems.

“Immediately after gaining office, Biden issued a slew of Executive Orders, one of which directed a pause in planned wall construction and a reallocation of funds obligated for that purpose,” Cawthorn said. “Following Biden’s decision to place partisan politics over the security of the American people, illegal immigration, and drug trafficking rates skyrocketed. It’s time to put the safety and wellbeing of Americans first. The Donument Act establishes the southern border wall as the ‘Southern Border Wall National Monument,’ and gives the monument permanent protection from alteration.”

In effect, the bill would offer protection to 289,920 acres of land along the southern states and would become the 159th national monument in America, though it has very little chance of passing the Democrat-dominated House.

Critics immediately pounced on Twitter, their comments perhaps proving why such an act – even if symbolic in nature – is necessary:



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