Fact check this! New ‘blue check’ fact-checker gets dragged on Twitter for Biden kids in cages spin

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! On Monday, a Twitter account identifying itself as the “Trusted Report Team” popped up out of nowhere and began posting questionable fact-checks […]

Little boy forced to read redefined ‘GayBCs’ and social media explodes: ‘This is full-on abuse!’

A viral video has surfaced of a woman helping a little boy read from a book called “The GayBCs” that uses the alphabet to introduce readers as […]

Lawmakers in battleground states attempt to rollback pre-election changes ahead of 2022

Legislatures in several battleground states Donald Trump won in 2016 but lost in 2020 are making efforts to rollback pre-election changes to voting rules some lawmakers say […]

Fact check fail 101: ABC tries to debunk Biden saying minorities don’t know how to use internet

The fact that much of the media worked doggedly for four long years to undermine and attack former President Donald Trump at every turn only serves to […]

Tucker slams teachers unions in scathing report on lockdowns harming our children

In yet another high-energy, information-packed editorial, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson reminded America about the devastating effects of COVID-19 restrictions on K-12 students. In part, Carlson […]

AZ Dept. of Ed. ‘equity toolkit’ tells white parents to address racism with children as young as 3 mos.

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! The Arizona Department of Education has reportedly produced a critical race theory-based “equity” toolkit that attacks white babies as young as three […]

Leftist Bill Maher rips into ‘insane’ Critical Race Theory for ‘making people crazy’

Jon Street, Campus Reform Leftist comedian Bill Maher spoke out against Critical Race Theory on his show Friday, calling it “insane.” Acknowledging that “there is racist problems […]

Only 365 more days to stop the spread! Hope-dashing Biden thinks things could be normal ‘by this time next year’

President Biden was asked on Tuesday when he thought that the United States will return to normal following the pandemic. He hedged his answer but said he […]

Sheila Jackson Lee claims rioters in Portland were ‘people wanting good things to happen’

Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was roasted online after claiming that Antifa and BLM protesters who rioted for months in cities like Portland cannot be compared […]

Leo Terrell goes nuclear on liberal professor over Dr. Seuss: ‘You don’t speak for the black community!’

Civil rights attorney and radio host Leo Terrell tore angrily and loudly into liberal professor Dr. Omekongo Dibinga on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Tuesday night when […]

Wray: FBI ‘slowed’ disciplinary process for FISA abuse in order to assist special counsel’s probe

Chuck Ross, DCNF Special counsel John Durham asked the FBI to delay taking disciplinary measures against bureau employees implicated in a watchdog report about the Trump-Russia probe […]

‘Why are we wasting vaccinations on Texas?’ Pelosi daughter answers Keith Olbermann’s sick question

CHECK OUT BizPacReview on Parler! It’s very rare that this ever happens, but far-left commentator Keith Olbermann posted a tweet Tuesday so hateful and venomous that even […]