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AZ Dept. of Ed. ‘equity toolkit’ tells white parents to address racism with children as young as 3 mos.

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The Arizona Department of Education has reportedly produced a critical race theory-based “equity” toolkit that attacks white babies as young as three months old for allegedly preferring to “look more at faces that match the race of their caregivers.”

The toolkit was spotted by filmmaker, writer, and researcher Christopher Rufo of the Discovery Institute. Rufo has earned a strong following this past year for his work in exposing the radical ideologies that are being taught at schools throughout the nation.

In a Twitter thread posted Tuesday, he offered his latest findings: Documents from a radical, state-government-sanctioned toolkit that promotes “antiracist attitudes and actions” by, among other things, accusing white people of boasting “white fragility.”

The documents appear to be a collection of articles and reports published in far-left websites like HuffPost, among many others.

View the full thread below:

One of the documents is a HuffPost article published last summer entitled, “How White Parents Can Talk To Their Kids About Race.”

In this piece that’s reportedly been recommended by the Department of Education of an ostensibly Republican governor, Doug Ducey, white parents are urged to “begin addressing issues of race and racism early, even before their children can speak.”

“Studies have indicated that infants as young as 3 months old can recognize racial differences. Avoiding the topic, rather than actively countering it with anti-racist attitudes and actions, simply opens the door for children to absorb bias from the world around them,” the piece argues.

So according to this stunning, dubious logic, the barely just-born white baby seen below needs and deserves lectures on racism:

(Source: PixaBay)

Another document is a report published by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) in 2014 entitled, “What White Children Need to Know About Race.”

One of these things that white children need to know is that apparently, being white means being “ignorant, color-blind, and racist.”

“In her book Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Beverly Daniel Tatum suggests that, in the traditional context of race, there are only three ways to be white: ignorant, color-blind, and racist,” the shocking piece reads.

“With options like these, she asks, who would choose to identify with their whiteness? She suggests that we have to create a fourth way to be white: the antiracist white identity.”

In other words, while it’s perfectly fine for people of other races to be accepting of their race, for white people it’s necessary that they identify instead as a new “woke” version of their race known as “the antiracist white identity.”

Rufo exposes this nonsense in the hopes of drumming up enough anger to spark the backlash needed to eradicate critical race theory from America. The key to that happening, however, is parents fighting back.

Over in Nevada, the parents of a biracial boy, William Clark, did fight back by suing their son’s publicly funded charter school late last year for trying to force him to acknowledge that he’s apparently a privileged white male oppressor.

“Defendants compelled Plaintiff William Clark to make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments which were subject to the scrutiny, interrogation and derogatory labeling of students, teachers and school administrators,” the suit reads.

“By directing Plaintiff William Clark to reveal his identities in a controlled, yet non-private setting, to scrutiny and official labeling, Defendants were and still are coercing him to accept and affirm politicized and discriminatory principles and statements that he cannot in conscience affirm.”

As of March 2021, the suit was reportedly still ongoing. So was a suit by Rufo and his allies against the Biden administration for its own equally disturbing promotion of critical race theory-based propaganda.

Vivek Saxena


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