Trump admin under fire as it seeks to hike fees for deportation appeals

The Trump administration is proposing another step in its effort to enforce U.S. immigration laws by dramatically increasing the fees for deportation appeals. A proposed new regulation […]

CNN humiliated after firestorm claiming 38% of Americans wouldn’t drink Corona beer due to coronavirus

CNN is under fire for more “fake news” in a new story suggesting Americans are avoiding Corona beer due to the coronavirus outbreak. The wording of a […]

Judge dismisses lawsuit against FBI informant accused of secretly working to smear Gen Flynn

Chuck Ross, DCNF  A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a Russian-British historian’s lawsuit against several U.S. newspapers and Stefan Halper, a former Cambridge professor who served as […]

Viral TikTok video shows drag queen suggestively crawl up to a child while adults clap and cheer

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF  A viral TikTok video of a drag brunch shows a drag queen suggestively crawl up to a child before embracing her. TikTok user […]

NY Mag rediscovers ‘future-First Lady’ Melania Knauss graced its patriotic cover in 2002

While ever-graceful First Lady Melania Trump has yet to be featured on the cover of any of the nation’s leading fashion magazines, New York Magazine reminded readers what […]

Middle school says kids can’t autonomously turn down dance requests, mom fights for daughter’s right to say ‘no’

Azlyn Hobson, an 11-year-old middle school student in Utah, was excited about her school’s planned Valentine’s Day dance. At least, she was until the young girl said […]

Dem rep warns Don Jr a ‘serious altercation’ could ensue after hard-hitting coronavirus accusations

A Democratic congressman appeared to threaten Donald Trump Jr. while on live television for suggesting Democrats want people to get sick from the coronavirus. Rep. John Garamendi of […]

CNN commentator flips out over powerful black Trump support at WH, takes disdain a tad too far for Don Lemon

President Donald Trump held a White House roundtable on Thursday celebrating Black History Month, and there was a touching moment when the participants all gathered around the […]

Biden says he really didn’t mean ‘arrested’ when claimed that he was ‘arrested’ in South Africa

Former Vice President Joe Biden walked back claims he made about having been arrested while visiting South Africa decades ago. Despite claiming multiple times on the campaign trail that […]

Lindsey Graham shows no love for Bernie, but says his likely nomination will be a lock for House GOP

Sen. Lindsey Graham believes it will be “great news” for President Trump and Republicans if Sen. Bernie Sanders secures the Democratic nomination. The South Carolina Republican predicted former […]

Gutfeld: Coronavirus exposes media’s ‘dark desire’ for catastrophe under Trump, will finally get to say, ‘I told you so’

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld ripped the broadcast media for wielding the coronavirus as a weapon to criticize President Trump, noting the “media’s dark desires for something bad to […]

Superdelegates ‘overwhelming’ opposed to a Bernie nom, would rather risk ugly intra-party showdown, report says

If front-runner Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders fails to accrue enough delegates to win the Democrat nomination outright, the Democrat Party as a whole may wind […]

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