Giuliani: Trump would violate oath of office if he ignored Biden’s misdeeds

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani believes that, had the president not asked Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged corruption, he would have been […]

Dem Judge apologies after distasteful joke about disabled TX Gov. Abbott

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt, a Texas Democrat, cracked a crude joke about the accident that left Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott paralyzed from the waist down — […]

eric trump mocks impeachment
Impeachment backlash: Trump re-election campaign scores $15 million donations in 3 days

Eric Trump sarcastically thanked Democrats for launching their toothless impeachment stunt, saying the latest witch hunt is causing GOP voters to contribute to his father’s reelection campaign in […]

Trump takes aim: Democrats are targeting your freedom

In his latest video message to the American people, President Donald Trump warned that the whistleblower “scam” is a blatant attempt by Democrats and their allies to […]
Michelle Malkin stands with ICE at facility targeted by Antifa terrorists

On Saturday outside the Tacoma ICE facility where a violent Antifa attacker was killed earlier this year, conservative warrior Michelle Malkin stood with fellow demonstrators in support […]

ivanka trump un
Ivanka champions women’s rights while dad speaks at United Nations

First daughter Ivanka Trump championed women’s economic empowerment in New York last week while her dad, President Donald Trump, spoke before the United Nations. Ivanka, an adviser […]

The difficulty that Elizabeth Warren would have beating Trump

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.  Joe Biden has been the front runner in the Democratic primary from the time he got […]

Chicago’s shame: Unsolved murder prompts Laura Ingraham to pledge $5,000

While gun violence may reach epidemic levels in the city, Chicago remains insulated from media coverage, in large part, because the city stands as a beacon to […]

Susan Rice slams Trump over private server…then admits Obama did same thing

Former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice criticized President Donald Trump for having stored the details of his July 26 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on a […]
Mitch McConnell could be key to derail impeachment train

Seemingly lost in the leftist media’s celebration of House Democrats’ “impeachment inquiry” is the fact that the Constitution safeguards against a partisan majority in the House from […]

SE Cupp turns on Trump: Accuses ‘cover-up’

When it comes to “Republicans” hating on President Donald Trump, S.E. Cupp said on Saturday that America has “crossed the Rubicon” and it is time to impeach […]

hillary clinton email shrug
Trump steps up investigation of Hillary’s unsecured email servers

The State Department is stepping up its ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized use of private, unsecured email servers to conduct government business when she was Barack […]