De Niro fires off barrage of F-bombs on CNN when asked about Trump

Robert De Niro is back to going on vulgar tirades against President Donald Trump and conservatives. “F*** ’em. F*** ’em,” De Niro said of Fox News on […]

Vegan diet questioned after NFL star’s lackluster performance

NFL star quarterback Cam Newton’s 2019 season couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start, as he is struggling to perform to past standards and dealing with […]

What could go wrong? New York partiers jump on toad venom to get high

The new drug of choice for the bored and relatively wealthy — particularly those among the bored and relatively wealthy who live in New York, apparently — […]

Adam Schiff: Whistleblower will testify ‘very soon’

Shelby Talcott, DCNF House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced Sunday that the whistleblower who filed a complaint regarding President Donald Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president has […]

Twitter brawl: Trump vs. Fox’s Ed Henry — ‘just got his a** handed to him’

President Donald Trump’s Twitter wrath was focused on Fox News host Ed Henry on Sunday morning. Trump expressed through 23 retweets and tweets sent out in 23 […]

‘SNL’ flatline: Woody Harrelson slams Melania as ‘only immigrant who watches Fox’

Actor Woody Harrelson did about the safest thing anyone in Hollywood can do today — he slammed conservatives. Harrelson, who specifically targeted Melania Trump and Fox News […]

Ari Fleischer shreds Democrats: ‘Hysterical, hyperbolic, hypocritical’ reaction

President Donald Trump’s actions on a phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was less than ideal, but the Democratic Party’s overreaction was far worse. That’s according […]

Tweet storm — Trump warns other impeachments ‘ended in ashes’

In a lengthy tweet storm on Saturday night, President Donald Trump reminded congressional Democrats that former witch hunts and impeachments have all “ended in ashes.” “The conversation […]

Twitter war: Chelsea Clinton takes on Trump with juvenile ‘I know you are’

Chelsea Clinton jumped into the Ukraine whistleblower debate with a bit of childish snark aimed at President Donald Trump. Chelsea, daughter of Bill and Hillary, responded to […]

Mark Levin explodes on Fox: ‘Do your damn job,’ investigate Biden

Conservative radio host Mark Levin got into an intense exchange on Sunday with “Fox & Friends” co-host Ed Henry over the recent allegations leveled against President Trump, with […]

WH aide Stephen Miller: Dems report ‘drips with contempt’ for Trump

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller has described the partisan whistleblower as a “deep state operative.” “I’ve worked in the federal government now for nearly three years. […]

Pelosi’s obsession: Worth losing the House over impeachment

While common sense tells you that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has seen some favorable polling, or otherwise has been convinced of a favorable outcome, politically speaking, the […]

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