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Twitter brawl: Trump vs. Fox’s Ed Henry — ‘just got his a** handed to him’

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President Donald Trump’s Twitter wrath was focused on Fox News host Ed Henry on Sunday morning.

Trump expressed through 23 retweets and tweets sent out in 23 minutes that he was not happy with Henry’s “Fox & Friends” interview with Mark Levin that very morning.

Trump’s twitter tirade began with a retweet of someone saying, “Ed Henry just got his A** handed to him by Mark Levin. Yes Ed, go ask Joe Biden.”

Other retweets made by the president were similarly critical of Henry, one even suggesting the man belonged on CNN over Fox News.

In his own tweets, Trump praised Mark Levin’s Fox appearance — where the conservative commentator blasted the media for not focusing on Joe Biden’s alleged corruption.

“Let me tell you what the press has done,” Levin said. “They lied about a quid pro quo. They lied about the president raising this eight times. They’ve laid about the president asking for a favor trying to tie it to Joe Biden when he was talking about the 2016 election.”

“The American people detest media not because they oppose freedom of the press, but because they love freedom of the press,” he continued. “The media have taken sides here and what I’m saying is this is an utterly corrupt political, partisan process. And it’s about time we had some real reporters who would try to get to the bottom of this.”

Check out Levin’s Fox interview below:

Source: Fox News

Trump also responded to a Twitter user who was defending Trump’s general call for an investigation into corruption during his call with the Ukrainian president.


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