Shooting in Virginia Beach leaves 12 dead, including suspect: ‘the most devastating day in the history’ of the city

A deadly shooting at a municipal building in Virginia Beach has left 12 people dead and at least six in the hospital. The Virginia Beach Police Department […]

Director Rob Reiner laughably promises to prove ‘criminality’ in Mueller report: ‘people don’t know what’s in it’

While many Democrats in D.C. cannot think straight when it comes to President Donald Trump, Hollywood liberals have shown the most blatant examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome. […]

Country music star John Rich debuts the song America needs on Fox News: ‘Shut Up About Politics’

Country star John Rich debuted his new single “Shut Up About Politics” on Fox News’ “The Five” this week and the song is already soaring on the […]

Rolling Thunder chief warns patriotic Americans will descend on DC if ‘arrogant’ Pelosi impeaches Trump

Artie Muller, the executive director of the Rolling Thunder biker organization, had some harsh words for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) while giving a speech on Thursday in […]

Trucking co. owner tells CNN he’s ‘100 percent’ voting Trump in 2020 despite ‘trade wars’, and he’s far from alone

With CNN emphasizing “the president’s trade wars,” and how this is taking a toll on the trucking industry and its drivers, network reporter Martin Savidge spoke with a trucking […]

‘Every part…absolute lie’! Obama revs up Brazilian crowd with fictitious tirade on U.S. and guns

Former President Barack Obama was overseas bashing the U.S. again. Telling a crowd in Brazil on Thursday that U.S. gun laws “don’t make sense” and claiming that machine guns […]

Chaos when DNC establishes affirmative action quotas in sweeping new rules for debates and moderators

The Democratic National Committee has established affirmative action quotas for presidential debates, which may not bode too well for those who don’t fit into one of the […]

Liz Warren freezes when told she’s ‘like the original Rachel Dolezal’ in cringeworthy grilling on Native American claims

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) earned some heavy blowback in a Friday interview when she was confronted about previously pushing her supposed Native American heritage — an actual […]

Frustrated House Dem goes off on MSNBC host, says he only gets airtime if he talks impeachment

A frustrated House Democrat railed against MSNBC host Ari Melber about his inability to get any airtime unless he is addressing impeaching President Trump. Rep. Brad Sherman […]

United Nations’ World Health Organization seeks to subvert capitalism and the American Way

When it comes to meritless organizations, the United Nations sits smugly in the top tier. This group of dedicated globalists is packed with “progressive” bureaucrats who mostly […]

Dr. Drew continues to sound alarm on L.A.’s sanitation breakdown: ‘Medieval…No city on Earth tolerates this’

Dr. Drew Pinsky continued to sound the alarm over the “complete breakdown” of public health in Los Angeles, warning of “medieval” diseases like bubonic plague that will […]

‘Is this a joke?’ Cybersecurity firm touts Hillary Clinton as keynote speaker, but probably wish they hadn’t

Some political commentators have said that the world as it currently exists is a veritable clown world, and well, the fact that former Secretary of State Hillary […]

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