Frustrated House Dem goes off on MSNBC host, says he only gets airtime if he talks impeachment

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A frustrated House Democrat railed against MSNBC host Ari Melber about his inability to get any airtime unless he is addressing impeaching President Trump.

Rep. Brad Sherman has continued to press for removing Trump from office since he introduced articles of impeachment against him back in 2017, but the California Democrat seemed to take issue with Melber’s characterization of his position in an appearance on “The Beat” Thursday.

As Melber introduced his panel to discuss the possibility of impeachment proceedings against Trump in the wake of Robert Mueller’s report and statement this week, he described Sherman as a congressman “who’s calling for impeachment and introduced an impeachment resolution this year.”

“Ari, I’m not sure you’re describing my position accurately, but we’ll get to it,” the lawmaker quickly interjected as the MSNBC host invited him to go ahead with his clarification.

“Look, the president obstructed justice,” Sherman said.

“That was apparent to me in July of 2017 when I introduced articles of impeachment. But I knew those articles couldn’t lead anywhere without bipartisan support because, of course, Republicans were in control,” he went on. “Prosecutors don’t indict unless they think they can get a conviction. We need to change public opinion so that we’ll get a fair hearing in the United States Senate.”

Seeing that Sherman’s comments did not seem to contradict anything he had said, Melber pressed his guest.

“What was inaccurate about mentioning that you were for impeachment?” he asked.

“Well, impeachment and removal is a package,” Sherman replied. “And to impeach without removal is, I think, a mistake. It has some advantages but it has some disadvantages.”

“But it is correct to say you’ve been pushing towards impeachment,” Melber attempted to clarify again.

“I’ve been pushing toward impeachment,” the congressman agreed.

“I’ve got to correct your correction,” Melber then noted, with Sherman countering that it was “oversimplification, perhaps.”

Melber seemed still confused and gave another shot to the Democrat to explain his initial pushback.

“I don’t know what you’re doing, sir,” Melber said.

“You’re advocating for impeachment. You introduced a resolution for impeachment. You’re the politician. I want to get the other panelists in. You can use your time as you see fit. I appreciate you coming on the show. Do you want to talk about the case that you’re making for impeachment?” he asked.

His digging finally prompted a more direct response as Sherman seemed to drop the political correctness and let the MSNBC host know what was really bugging him.

“Actually, I’ve been trying to get on your show to talk about the Saudi nuclear program, and if it was my time we’d be talking about efforts to control drug prices,” he said.

“There’s this image in the country that Congress is focused only on impeachment. That’s the only thing I can get on TV to talk about, but it’s not really what I’m working on,” he explained.

“Interesting,” Melber said, laughing after a pause. “Well, look, we do a lot of subjects here. We can get into a lot of that stuff.”

He then promptly moved on to discuss Mueller’s remarks and the incendiary effect they had on calls for the impeachment of the president.

Frieda Powers


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