Fla. sheriff’s unconventional ‘welcome’ sign for the county jail is a real head-turner

“We have a one-star rating and we’re working to lower that as I’m speaking.”

Illegal alien activists sue ICE for unconstitutionally ‘silencing’ them, suppressing political dissent


Ben Shapiro calls for ‘cleansing’ of federal agencies to ‘restore trust’ in government

‘Bout time.

Hundreds of public defenders protest ICE court arrests

“Our courthouses are for people to seek due process.”

Trump admin considering controversial new rule that would discourage immigrants from using welfare

“An alien’s receipt of public benefits comes at taxpayer expense and availability of public benefits may provide an incentive for aliens to immigrate to the United States.”

Hannity blasts media for ignoring culture of corruption, says new evidence will ‘rock foundation of D.C.’

“They’re supposed to be all about truth, all about transparency.”

Topic flips like a switch when CNN guest brings up that time Trump accused Obama of wiretapping


Hugh Hewitt lays out reason why top DOJ official’s mysterious resignation may be a very ‘big deal’

“…very accurate over many years.

Sports writers lashed out at Tony Dungy for celebrating Christianity, but the coach wasn’t going to back down

In fact, he doubled down.

Don Lemon gets uncontrollable giggle-snorts trying to take Omarosa seriously

“All right, sorry, the guys in the studio are going to kill me.”

Eric Holder: ‘The system is in fact rigged’

It’s a subject Democrats know a lot about.

Marco Rubio comes to defense of Dem who texted with Russian-connected lobbyist for dirt on Trump

Yeah, that still doesn’t explain it.

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