Hannity blasts media for ignoring culture of corruption, says new evidence will ‘rock foundation of D.C.’

Focusing on the “saboteurs” of the 2016 election and the evidence that has been uncovered so far, Sean Hannity announced that forthcoming revelations will “rock the foundation of Washington, D.C.”

The Fox News host unleashed a powerful opening monologue on Thursday’s “Hannity,” declaring that the facts uncovered so far involving players like Hillary Clinton, top FBI and Justice Department officials and former President Obama, are just the “tip of the iceberg.”

With the liberal mainstream media laser-focused on trashing President Trump, the real story has been ignored, Hannity argued.

“They’re supposed to be all about truth, all about transparency,” he said. “They have been missing in action. They have turned their backs, they are ignoring the biggest story in their lifetimes.”

“The corruption, desecration and malfeasance of constitutional civil liberties is now unmatched in the history of this country,” he said, noting that the facts will be so unprecedented, people will “question how this could ever happen in the United States of America.”

Hannity’s nearly 15-minute monologue broke down the key players and the latest timeline of revelations pointing to top-government officials who worked to manipulate the election against Trump in what he called a “game of corruption.”

He covered how former FBI Director James Comey and his “lackeys” ignored obvious evidence, Clinton’s role in the infamous and unverified Trump dossier, how the Trump campaign was targeted by senior federal law enforcement officials in allegedly unlawful surveillance abuses, and “the cherry on top,” special counsel Robert Mueller and his months-long Russia investigation that has turned up no evidence of collusion.

“As we move forward, I would guarantee almost at this point there’s going to be massive investigations,” Hannity concluded.

“And I would not at all be surprised [if] people will be going to jail,” he added. “People will be indicted.”

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