House passes major budget deal after Rand Paul singlehandedly shutdown the gov’t overnight

“I didn’t come up here to be liked.”

Emotional Nancy Pelosi tells story how her grandson wished for ‘brown skin and eyes’ for his birthday

“I’m reminded of my own grandson, he is Irish, English, whatever, whatever…”

Uranium One informant’s lawyer: Let Clintons attack, my client’s got the truth…briefings…videotapes

“He says to me, ‘I was used to threats from the Russians, but I’ve never been under this kind of fire.'”

‘Rather not leave a paper trail’: Dem senator texted with lobbyist for Russian oligarch in effort to contact Steele

“I’m in.”

Antonio Sabato Jr, gets the best of Joy Behar debating immigration, and she can’t stand it

“But, but, Antonio!”

Anti-Trump resistance group blew most of its donation money on salaries, consulting firms

“He is conning people.”

Even CNN reporters agree that Omarosa is completely full of it, and only craves attention

Omarosa’s not fooling anyone.