Legendary rocker Tom Petty reported dead at 66, CBS backtracks on confirmation of death

Tom Petty, the rocker best known as the frontman of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, is dead at 66, CBS News has confirmed.

FBI’s shocking report: The ‘Ferguson effect’ is real

Will Racke, DCNF At first glance, the number seems like an error — as if an FBI statistician had accidentally transposed some digits in the bureau’s annual report […]

Arizona Cardinals v Indianapolis Colts
Black Conservatives list the issues football players should actually be protesting against

“Unfortunately, that’s what Hollywood likes to do. It’s very group think. “

Kamala Harris defends kneeling football players during church

Amber Randall, DCNF California Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris urged people at a Georgia church Sunday to remember the First Amendment as she seemingly referred to recent protests during […]

‘Cue white people outrage’: Michael Moore thinks white people care about OJ Simpson’s release

You do know you are white right?

Teacher prays that only ‘Trumptards’ were killed in Las Vegas terrorist attack

It never ceases to amaze how the political side of the aisle that professes “love” can be full of loathsome vitriol towards their fellow Americans. In the […]

Tough-as-nails Sarah Huckabee Sanders broke down behind the podium today

Sarah Huckabee Sanders had an unguarded moment …

AP Donald Trump
Trump uses a historic presidential first to bring attention to hurricane victims; haters disapprove

Haters really hate him.

SG Las Vegas
Video: Regular people use fencing and anything they can find as stretchers to save fellow Americans in Vegas

One after another, wounded concertgoers can be seen on camera being carried out.

SG Meyer-Bilzerian
‘People are dying, you’re running away’: Hero Dakota Meyer rips famous poker player for filming himself fleeing Vegas shooting

“… not helping them and pretending it’s worthy of a video is disgusting.”

CBS legal exec: ‘I’m not sympathetic’ to Vegas victims ‘because country music fans often are Republican’

CBS did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation for comment.

hillary clinton blames white people
‘This is why you lost!’ Hillary’s response to cold-blooded massacre is about a gun silencer and evil NRA

“But in her mind she is the president and America needs to hear from her.”