More teen novels wrestle with Black Lives Matter, police brutality

Amber Randall, DCNF More young adult novels are choosing to address issues like Black Lives Matter, racism and police brutality. Newer teen novels put the issues at […]

California Dem headlines anti-Trump fundraiser blocks from Mar-A-Lago

“I know the president comes down here a lot and it’s a pain,”

Busted player tries to recover after accidentally thanking his wife AND his girlfriend in live interview

Whoops! How unfortunate for him.

Florida’s business agenda in the 2017 legislative session

Every Legislative Session, statewide business leaders have to fight to spur Florida’s job growth and to protect Florida’s job creators.

While Dems were busy grandstanding, Gowdy got right down to business with Comey

Gowdy named several members of the Obama administration, to include former national security adviser Susan Rice, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates, all of whom Comey confirmed would likely have had access to the name of an unmasked U.S. citizen.

‘I can no longer continue’: Uber president quits amid litany of scandals

Uber President Jeff Jones is quitting after only six months at the ride-sharing company.

Obamacare architect now advising Trump on replacing it

There are currently 22 House Republicans wavering on the AHCA.

Did Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fall into a Chinese diplomatic trap?

Chinese foreign policy experts said the secretary of state’s comments came as a surprise.

Man uses ‘the force’ to stop knife-wielding stepdaughter

You know the old adage: don’t bring a knife to a light saber fight.

Twin toddler tots escape cribs for a full night of merrymaking – and it’s caught on dizzying video


A president with a backbone: Trump admin set to boycott UN Council over anti-Israel agenda

We’re not in Obamaland anymore, Toto.

toilet paper
Public Park will only dispense toilet paper if they recognize your…


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