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Twin toddler tots escape cribs for a full night of merrymaking – and it’s caught on dizzying video

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You can almost hear John Belushi shout “Toga!” in the classic college hijinks film “Animal House,” when two toddlers escape from their cribs for a night of frolicking.

When New Yorkers Jonathan and Susana Balkin wanted to know why their twin two-year-old boys appeared tired during the day, they set up a video monitor to find out what went on during the night, Fox 46 reported.

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They discovered a full night of merrymaking and acrobatics, where Andrew and Ryan scaled out of their cribs and lined the floor with pillows for somersaults and play.

Occasionally the boys would take time out to sit together on the couch — no doubt to connive what they would do next.

Their father is shown entering the room at one point to put the boys back into their cribs and restore order to the room — but it doesn’t last long. Almost from the moment dad leaves the room they scamper out of their cribs and are once again fast at it.

To give the clip a dash of extra flair, it was sped up and circus music was thrown in as an audio accompaniment.

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It wasn’t long before Andrew and Ryan became the
“aww” little princes of social media.

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What can you do? You could try putting them in separate rooms, but that would seem somehow wrong.


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