Santa gets to keep his ‘HO, HO’ for Christmas! State gov reverses decision on ‘offensive’ Santa vanity plate

Santa was thrilled with the Christmas miracle.

Sheriff helps Florida university sidestep statewide firearm ban and arm faculty, staff anyway

Way to go, guys!

YOLO! ‘Missed the company holiday party, but THIS happened . . .’ She’s nimble and she worked it, baby!

“Ima be honest… she got nothing to be Ashamed of. NOTHING. She got skills.”

Oops! New York Times forced to issue an embarrassing correction; it forgot about its own BS

The Times issued this red-faced correction the next day:

California gun rush: People ‘lined up out the door and around the block’ to beat deadline

‘No just want one of those AR’s.’”

20-year veteran officer sues after she was fired for flying Confederate flag at HER OWN HOME!

‘Conduct unbecoming an officer’ . . . WHAT?

MSNBC panel called this the ‘truest Trump tweet ever’- are they right?

For once, an entire panel on MSNBC actually seemed to agree with Donald Trump!

michelle and barack obama
Dr. Lauren Wright ‘diagnoses’ what’s going on with Michelle Obama

What do you think?

Priceless! Holiday cooking segment goes hilariously wrong

“Best line ever”

Put up or shut up: Tom Arnold claims to have earth shattering Trump video, here’s why he’s not sharing

“Truly pathetic.”

Alt-Right leader mulls run for Congress, claims ‘white heritage’ movement is not white supremacy

Tell us what you think.

Delta responds after Muslim YouTuber starts boycott claiming he was removed from plane for speaking Arabic

#BoycottDelta hard for some to believe.

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