Image of teen offers hope, witness calls it ‘an amazing sight!’

A young man’s love for humanity could not have been better portrayed than it is here. I watched as this young kid was walking pass, stopped and walked over […]

Trump Rubio Bush
Voters in Florida vow to vote for ex-candidate Jeb Bush to spite Rubio

Disgruntled Republican voters seem intent to give Donald Trump the presidential nomination, intentionally or not. A report by the New York Times revealed some Jeb Bush supporters […]

Civil asset forfeiture bill will require an actual arrest before cops seize property

Casey Harper Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott must now decide whether to sign or veto a civil asset forfeiture reform bill that will have big implications for […]

Mike Ditka screen shot
After criticizing Obama and touting Trump, ESPN strips NFL legend Mike Ditka of analyst role

Just days after calling President Barack Obama the “worst president” ever and admitting he’d “probably vote for [Donald] Trump,” legendary NFL player and coach Mike Ditka was […]

College ‘rocked’ by anti-Asian hate crime … committed by drunk Asian

The University of Southern California (USC) has been rocked by a hate crime that, it turns out, appears to be the work of one drunken Asian bullying another.

Emmy-winning actress goes to unbelievable lengths to make abortion look cool

An actress recently sported a dress emblazoned all over with the word “abortion” interspersed with hearts, in an apparent demonstration of her love for abortion.

Why Carly Fiorina suddenly became top trending topic in US

Carly Fiorina made headlines Wednesday and became a top trending topic on social media after announcing her endorsement of a Republican presidential candidate. Carly Fiorina is the […]

Trump goes off on reporter in harsh smack-down over bad words

Donald Trump wasn’t in the mood for anyone raining on his victory parade Tuesday, and he let one reporter know it. After securing wins in Michigan and […]

Affordable Care Act, money
EXCLUSIVE: Study finds billions in improper Medicaid payments

Despite several reporting protocols designed to prevent fraud, Medicaid has doled out $161 billion in improper payments since 2008.

Someone ‘fixed’ Sanders yard sign to offer him helpful lesson on socialism

Never has an action better captured the pitfalls of socialism than what was seen with a yard sign for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the self-avowed democratic socialist. The […]

New subpoena may be coming for expired visas report

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform members are threatening a subpoena to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials who refuse to divulge a 2013 report on visa overstays by illegal aliens.

gun, training, shooting range, police training
Judge deals blow to DC gun rights activists

A federal judge dealt a blow Monday to Second Amendment activists in Washington, D.C., in an ongoing lawsuit challenging the city’s rules on handgun concealed carry.

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