Hillary sends weird Sunday tweet complaining to Hasbro about ‘Trump words’ in Scrabble app. Folks play along.

Either Hillary Clinton has a weird sense of humor, or she’s awfully uptight. In a tweet posted Sunday morning, the failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee and former […]

Howard Stern explains ‘weird’ relationship with Donald Trump, accuses him of faking pro-life stand

Aging shock-jock Howard Stern is doing the rounds publicizing his new bo, and that tour included an appearance today on “Good Morning America.” Talking with host George […]

‘So weird’: Trump takes rare and not-so-subtle shot at Fox News after town hall with ‘Crazy Bernie’

  President Trump, like millions of loyal Fox viewers, increasingly have to wonder what is up with the Fox News network. Monday evening the news-home for millions […]

Cory Booker wants America to go vegan to save planet, Karl Rove says hands off his meat, weirdo

Democrat Senator Cory Boer― who recently adopted a vegan diet ― has a beef with meat, saying a vegan diet could save the planet. Soy Boy Boer, […]