House Dems all in for universal background checks on firearms – until GOP includes illegal immigrants

Democrats were all in when they decided to push through universal background checks on all firearms purchases, but they quickly recoiled when Republicans amended the legislation. As House […]

Michael Cohen referred to DOJ for alleged perjury during Congressional testimony

Prior to President Donald Trump’s disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen testifying to the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday about the president’s alleged crimes, Trump speculated that Cohen […]

Pressure builds as Kamala Harris ‘misrepresents’ her position as prosecutor with illegal immigrants

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris continues to twist herself into a pretzel trying to excuse her past work as the district attorney of San Francisco. While […]

Wrongful death suit filed against prominent Dem donor linked to deaths of two black men

A prominent Democrat donor linked to the deaths of two black males has had a wrongful death suit filed against him by the mother of one of […]

After bipartisan backlash and apology, Rashida Tlaib doubles down on ‘racist’ act by Mark Meadows

In the safety of CNN’s media bubble, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib doubled down on her dispute with Rep. Mark Meadows over what she called a “racist” act. The Michigan […]

Mike Lee excoriates Dems over separation of powers & federalism: Where was your outrage under Obama?

Molly Prince, DCNF Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee criticized Democrats on Thursday for their selective outrage over America’s deviation from federalism and the separation of powers when […]

Gaetz feels more heat for fiery Cohen tweet, Florida Bar opens investigation after flood of complaints

The Florida State Bar Association has reportedly opened an ethics investigation following the “high volume of calls and emails” about Rep. Matt Gaetz. “The Florida Bar is aware […]

California utility reportedly put off power line maintenance for years before catastrophic wildfire

Tim Pearce, DCNF California’s largest utility for years neglected to repair the aging power line thought to have sparked the state’s deadliest wildfire ever in 2018, The […]

Heir to infamous mob family predicts ‘rat’ Michael Cohen might have big problems in prison

Once President Donald Trump’s disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen reports to prison in May to serve a 3-year-old sentence for campaign finance violations and tax evasion, among other […]

Footage of ‘creepy’ guy licking reporter on live TV unites all … in disgust

A comedian in Canada is facing heated backlash after his “disgusting” assault of a reporter on live television. Comedian Boyd Banks issued an apology after accosting CBC reporter Chris Glover, […]

Bradley Cooper’s ex-wife took part in Kavanaugh smear, is ‘confused’ when she becomes target of outrage mob over Gaga

Political correctness and victimhood have become such smothering influences on contemporary society that just laughing at an allegedly insensitive joke is enough to make you a target of […]

CNN in the hot seat for not disclosing Dem operatives who questioned Bernie Sanders at town hall

The same “news” network known for stacking debates and town halls in favor of its political allies has reportedly been caught doing it yet again, this time […]

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