Bradley Cooper’s ex-wife took part in Kavanaugh smear, is ‘confused’ when she becomes target of outrage mob over Gaga

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Political correctness and victimhood have become such smothering influences on contemporary society that just laughing at an allegedly insensitive joke is enough to make you a target of the mob.

Actress Jennifer Esposito learned this firsthand when she dared to laugh at a joke posted to social media by fellow actor David Spade.

During the Oscars on Sunday, her former husband, Bradley Cooper, performed a reportedly “steamy” duet with pop sensation Lady Gaga.

In response, Spade posted a screenshot of the performance to his Instagram on Monday and jokingly wrote, “Is there any chance these 2 aren’t f–king?”

His insinuation was that there was so much chemistry between Cooper and Gaga that it’s almost as if they’re involved in a romantic relationship.


Is there any chance these 2 aren’t fucking?

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Esposito found the joke amusing, and so she left the following comment on Spade’s host: “Ha.”

And then came the insanity …

In a tweet posted early Tuesday morning, the actress said that she was being bombarded with hateful messages for the one-word response she posted to her peer’s Instagram account.


But she wasn’t done. In a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, she shared a poignant, must-hear message with all the people who’ve been chiding her for laughing at a joke.

“[S]o many people have been commenting about something that I said which was like this: ‘Ha,'” she said. “That was it. And in the way that it has spread. It was towards David Spade’s very outward statement about something about an ex, and I literally laughed at him because he was so bold in what he was saying. I thought it was funny and I’m allowed to think something is funny.”

“We have so many things going on in our country and in our world that need attention, and I wish that you’d spend even a minute of this insanity, of nonsense, on things that are really important.”

“I commented on something that I thought was funny, and someone being bold enough to say what he said. And I laughed. And to find that people are making judgment calls about me or them or the people that the comment was about is really psychotic,” she added.

Listen to her fiery diatribe below:


It’s psychotic but also ubiquitous, in that it’s sadly become commonplace in America for mobs of loons to harass, taunt, dox and sometimes even assault anyone who offends them in one way or another.

Esposito saved her fiercest criticism for tabloid “journalists” in the media who tried to link her innocuous “Ha” to words she wrote about an unnamed ex in her 2015 memoir, “Jennifer’s Way.”

In the book she described an unidentified ex as “funny, smart, cocky, arrogant, and a master manipulator.” According to “journalists,” this was somehow relevant to her “Ha.”

“My book … based on my journey with celiac disease after I almost died, to bring it up about something so silly and demeaning and stupid as a relationship I had eleven years ago, f–k you! This is horrible behavior! This is why people don’t speak up on so many situations!” she exclaimed.

She wasn’t wrong. And to think, all this hatred and all these smears were directed at her just because she laughed at a joke Spade made about the following performance:

Like Esposito asked in her tweet, “Has everyone gone mad?”

It seems so, especially if you take into consideration that the PC monsters who’ve been bombarding her with hate for days on end clearly haven’t learned a damn thing.

Case in point:

In fairness, Esposito is just as guilty as of them of perpetrating mob behavior. Last year she joined the chorus of far-left radicals who attempted to impugn the character of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by citing wholly unsubstantiated and since-debunked rape allegations:

It’s unclear whether having the shoe on the other foot has been enough for her to learn something.


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