CNN in the hot seat for not disclosing Dem operatives who questioned Bernie Sanders at town hall

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The same “news” network known for stacking debates and town halls in favor of its political allies has reportedly been caught doing it yet again, this time during a town hall event Monday for 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

How so? By not disclosing the deep ties to the Democrat Party held by those select few studio audience members who were allowed to pepper Sanders with questions.

According to the journalists at Paste magazine, CNN failed to adhere to the most “basic standards of journalism” multiple times:

  • When introducing Tara Ebersole as a “Former Biology Professor,” despite her being the chair of the Baltimore County Democrat Party.
  • When introducing Abena McAllister as an “Active Democrat,” despite her being the chair of the Charles County Democrat Central Committee.
  • When introducing Yunjung Seo as a “George Washington Student,” despite her being an employee with a political fundraising & strategic consulting firm.
  • And when introducing “Michelle Gregory” as just a “Maryland Voter,” despite she reportedly being heavily involved in Democrat Party politics.

It’s unclear whether the “Michelle Gregory” cited by Paste magazine is the same “Michele Gregory” from Maryland who faced state penalties for election law violations last year.

Now watch below as a woman described only as an “American University Student” questions Sanders:


That “American University Student” is in fact a far-left activist who interns with the government relations firm Cassidy & Associates, as well as the far-left startup Blue Future:

(LinkedIn screenshot)

Now watch as a woman described only as someone who “Works for a Nonprofit Organization” questions Sanders about his position on paying reparations to the descendants of slaves:


That woman who merely “Works for a Nonprofit Organization” has in fact been a committeewoman with the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee for almost a whole year:

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She’s also been seen hanging out with fellow Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker:

In light of these audience members’ clear-cut ties to the Democrat Party, CNN has since issued a half-ass apology via a statement issued to Mediaite, according to Fox News.

“Though we said at the beginning of the Town Hall that the audience was made up of Democrats and Independents, we should have more fully identified any political affiliations,” a spokesperson said.

While it’s true that none of the questions asked Monday were necessarily out of bounds, according to Paste magazine contributor Jacob Weindling, CNN’s lack of disclosure seems shady.

“If it was just this one questioner, we could chalk it up to a mistake, or an acknowledgment that CNN reasonably didn’t believe that an intern needed to disclose her workplace,” he wrote, referring to the “American University Student.”

“But this wasn’t just one questioner. There were a bunch of audience members who are far more active in politics than CNN disclosed. Watching the town hall live made it seem as if these were just folks from all walks of life, when in reality many of these supposedly innocuous questioners were political operatives in one way or another.”

Additional examples can be seen below:

“CNN bringing up these so-called ‘voters’ to ask some of the most politically perilous questions for Bernie comes off as incredibly shady, and doubly so since they didn’t reveal their backgrounds. CNN was either pushing an agenda, or they failed at a very basic tenet of journalism,” Weindling added,

Granted, this is nothing new for CNN, which effectively colluded with then-Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the election three years ago by funneling debate questions to her in advance of a Democrat primary debate against … Bernie Sanders.

Because of the network’s past behavior, some suspect it’s again colluding against Sanders:

Not that it necessarily matters, since so few Americans reportedly tuned in for the event, according to data from Early Nielsen Media Research:


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