Nearly 100 face charges in massive fake marriage immigration fraud scheme

An alleged scheme to arrange fake marriages between U.S. citizens and immigrants has landed 50 people behind bars in Texas. Nearly 100 people are facing federal charges […]

Sununu: ‘Nadler, Pelosi have to be really dumb’ to think a serious court will urge AG Barr to break the law

John Sununu believes it is not only illegal for Attorney General William Barr to hand over the unredacted version of  Robert Mueller’s report, Democrats are “really dumb” for […]

Supreme Court back in session, poised to issue five big decisions

The U.S. Supreme Court is back in session today, poised to issue several significant rulings to include decisions regarding … Two allegedly partisan gerrymandering cases Citizenship questions […]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott schools Pete Buttigieg on just HOW America is great

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott schooled South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg on what’s great about America. Speaking at a South Carolina campaign rally last week, Buttigieg belittled […]

Obama’s Defense Secretary questions Biden’s ‘intellectual acuity’: He’s been wrong for past 40 years

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s “intellectual acuity” in potentially leading the nation seemed a cause of concern for a former Obama administration official. Former Secretary of Defense Robert […]

Howard Stern explains ‘weird’ relationship with Donald Trump, accuses him of faking pro-life stand

Aging shock-jock Howard Stern is doing the rounds publicizing his new book, and that tour included an appearance today on “Good Morning America.” Talking with host George […]

Steve Hilton breaks down Trump’s strategy on China trade: ‘It could turn out to be most important policy shift of 21st century’

Fox News host Steve Hilton praised President Donald Trump and his latest strategy in the trade war with China, slamming the “snooty establishment” for getting it “all […]

CNN Alisyn Camerota : Will Trump give ‘foaming at the mouth’ July 4th speech where folks ‘clamor for violence’

CNN doesn’t even try to disguise its contempt for President Donald Trump anymore as anchors openly display their hostility toward the president. In a segment Monday morning […]

Woman explains to her boyfriend why he’s not getting any sex thanks to Alyssa Milano, and it’s hilarious!

So, here’s how you explain to your man that you are on a sex strike …

Rand Paul slaps Adam Schiff with a wake-up call that sounds just like Barack Obama

Senator Rand Paul, on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning, kneecapped Rep. Adam Schiff, pointing out what a “hypocrite” he is regarding his political flip-flop on the subject […]

Damn the rich! Elizabeth Warren’s vision for ‘executives’ includes ‘handcuffs and perp walks’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren decided to give her sagging presidential campaign a shot in the arm by revealing her new plan for rich executives during a campaign stop. The Massachusetts […]

stem students walk out
No Hogg-like props: Students walking out of vigil-turned-gun control rally is a good sign

There’s some hope that today’s high school students aren’t all brainwashed zombies like David Hogg, who swallow left-wing anti-gun propaganda without giving the issue some serious thought. […]