CNN Alisyn Camerota : Will Trump give ‘foaming at the mouth’ July 4th speech where folks ‘clamor for violence’

CNN doesn’t even try to disguise its contempt for President Donald Trump anymore as anchors openly display their hostility toward the president.

In a segment Monday morning on CNN’s “New Day,” Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey was commenting on Trump “taking a keen interest in July 4th” — the idea of the president of the United States doing so seemingly ruffling the feathers of the anti-Trump faithful.

President Trump is looking to move the traditional fireworks display from the Capitol Reflecting Pool to the nearby West Potomac Park and is planning to address the nation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, according to the Washington Post.

The headline alone betrayed the newspaper’s angle, “Trump takes over Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself into the program.”

Which is where anchor Alisyn Camerota comes into play. Following a now-familiar script of discrediting any possibility of a positive reflection on Trump, she pointing to Dawsey’s words to blast Trump for exploiting the 4th of July to give a “foaming at the mouth speech” that will prompt his supporters to “clamor for violence.”

All in the form of a question, of course.


“The president very much wants to give this speech, it sounds like, from the Lincoln Memorial, and you write ‘The presidents starring role has the potential to turn what has long been a non-partisan celebration of the nation’s founding into another version of a Trump campaign rally,” Camerota said.

“I’m just wondering, Josh, I mean what kind of speech would he give?” she continued. “Would he give a presidential speech, or would he give one of these sort of foaming at the mouth speech that we sometimes see at the rallies where they clamor, you know we heard it just last week, where people in the crowd clamor for violence?”

Dawsey’s response was to suggest that it’s “hard to know” what the president would say to the assembled throngs.

While one can only wonder what Camerota’s response would be to former President Barack Obama making a similar decision, the disposition she espoused is strangely similar to the narrative playing out on Capitol Hill.

Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., chairwoman of the House Subcommittee on Interior, Environment and Related Agencies, told The Post that the president was making the 4th of July all about him and that Americans celebrating the nation’s independence will be “disappointed and angered” to hear from their president.

“It’s not about any one president. It’s about how our nation came to be, because of a hardy band of brave men and women,” McCollum was quoted as saying.

“It’s not about any one person, it’s about ‘We, the people,’” the Democrat added. “And if the president moves to make this about him, I think he will find the America public disappointed and angered by it.”

Tom Tillison


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