New report says Mueller thinks Barr created ‘public confusion’ in release of investigation findings, Dems pounce

Attorney General is set to to be grilled by Senate Democrats in a hearing set for Wednesday morning regarding the release of the Mueller report, and a […]

Venezuela protests turn shockingly violent as U.S. warns: ‘all options are on the table’

Protests in Venezuela have grown shockingly violent. Protesters backing internationally recognized president Juan Guaido to to the street on Tuesday after Guaido announced that the nation’s military […]

Lots of Obama-backed content headed to Netflix, including concerning project about Trump administration

Many conservatives publicly dropped their subscriptions to the streaming giant Netflix when it was originally announced that the company had partnered with Barack and Michelle Obama to […]
‘They want social justice’: Cuomo feels the heat when he praises the ‘good cause’ of Antifa

  Monday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo argued that Antifa is protesting for a good cause. Somewhat surprisingly, two other CNNers pushed back against that disturbing notion–Rob Astorino […]

Trump administration is working on officially recognizing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization

The Muslim Brotherhood received some bad news on Tuesday. The White House revealed that the Trump administration is working to officially recognize the controversial group as a […]

Crenshaw earns accolades with powerful argument for border security. Oh, and he delivers in fluent Spanish too!

Congressman Dan Crenshaw is earning praise and calls for a 2024 presidential run following hisconcise and powerful argument for border security. The Texas Republican ivered a simple […]

Restaurant owner takes stand against sudden backlash involving pro-Marine sticker, sees sales soar

The owner at an Illinois hamburger restaurant has no plans to take down a sign that has been displayed for a decade despite the sudden outcry from […]

Laura Ingraham breaks down what she believes is behind Trump’s latest powwow with Chuck and Nancy

Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave viewers the rundown about what the Oval Office “showdown” between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders is really all about. Ingraham […]

Rubio accuses CNN of doing ‘some of the most shameful reporting ever’ in coverage of ongoing Venezuela chaos

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is blasting CNN’s coverage of the ongoing situation in Venezuela as “shameful” and “grotesque.” The Republican senator is most offended by the network’s […]

Joy Behar inadvertently makes case for Trump reelection: With this economy, approval ‘should be in the 70s’

As even Democrat strategist James Carville once coined the term about winning elections, “it’s the economy, stupid.” The ladies on ABC’s “The View” are so overcome with […]

Bernie gets burned for suggesting Disney be ‘heroic’ and share ‘Avengers’ profits: What about your book, Bernie?

    On Monday, socialist millionaireBernie Sanders criticized Disney CEO Bob Iger’s earnings and suggested the company should give all its employees big raises due to the […]

CNN commentator stuns Cuomo, says he’d even back a candidate who ‘shot his dog’ if they could beat Trump

If you believe Democrats pulled out all the stops in 2016 to defeat candidate Donald Trump, to include weaponizing the intelligence apparatus of the federal government, their […]

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