Sexualized propaganda in products aimed at 8-year-olds isn’t edgy, it’s gross.

Comic books, corporations, computer games, and Cruella de Ville. What do they all have in common? They are taking Pride Month from a naked and debaucherous parade […]

Bedford: Why does our purportedly ‘Catholic’ president not denounce these hate crimes?

Big Tech and woke Leftists will have you think that the most charitable, caring people on earth are anyone with a D next to their name, or […]

In America, there is an aggressive, totalitarian ideology that wants to punish anyone who publicly dissents

Wrestler turned c-list actor John Cena issued an apology to China and their fearless leader for daring to speak the unspeakable: that Taiwan is, in fact, a […]

Culture War with Christopher Bedford of The Federalist

In America today, the culture war rages on, but amidst left-wing advances and conservative retreats, morale is at an all-time low. Spirits are so dismayed, on multiple […]