‘Impeachable’: Legal experts, GOP lawmakers warn Biden against invoking 14th Amendment on debt ceiling

Legal experts and GOP lawmakers are warning of severe consequences, including impeachment and a sovereign debt default, should President Joe Biden inve the 14th Amendment to unilaterally […]

‘They savor it’: Dem Rep. Hank Johnson claims Republicans ‘would gladly’ bring slavery back

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia claimed Republicans “would gladly” see a return to slavery by exploiting migrants during a Wednesday hearing of the House Judiciary Committee. […]

Buttigieg doubles down on woke advisers at Merchant Marine Academy despite Congressional scrutiny

At least three members of the first advisory council at a U.S. service academy that is under fire for weness from conservative lawmakers boast expertise in or […]

‘Our stores cannot continue’: NYC’s grocers beg city officials to crack down on shoplifting epidemic

A group representing over 4,000 grocers in New York City has asked the state legislature to pass stricter laws preventing shoplifting, and wants jail time for those […]

Facebook temporarily suppresses journalist Matt Taibbi’s report on censorship that mentions the company 31 times

Social media giant temporarily suppressed journalist Matt Taibbi’s new report on organizational censorship on Wednesday, causing the post to be obscured from public view. Taibbi’s report […]

‘It’s a witch hunt’: George Santos lashes out at Biden family, DOJ after arrest

Republican Rep. George Santos of New York lashed out at the Biden family and the Justice Department Wednesday in his first remarks after being arrested. “Lo, this […]

Dem rep: Without illegal immigrants, ‘nobody’ would be ‘cleaning up in the hospitals’

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia argued Wednesday in a House committee hearing on immigration legislation that illegal immigrants were essential to the country’s workforce as without […]

Tom Hanks comes out against woke censorship of old books: ‘Let me decide what I am offended by’

Actor Tom Hanks spe with the BBC about his new novel and gave his thoughts on censoring older bos, referencing his we publisher Penguin Random House who […]

Outraged mother sues school she claims lured sixth-graders into secret gender and sexuality club

A Colorado mom named Erin Lee is suing the school her daughter goes to claiming that she was one of a group of sixth-graders that was lured […]

NBC ‘journalist’ asks if anyone will ‘police what Carlson says or is this the point?’

Tucker Carlson rocked the political world on Monday when he announced on that he will resume a version of his popular show nixed by Fox News, […]

McCarthy blocks ‘Squad’ member from holding event on ‘catastrophe’ of Israel’s founding

A Squad member’s attempt to hold an event against an American ally at the U.S. Capitol was summarily blocked by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) who called […]

Fallout continues as Bud Light boycott spreads to other Anheuser-Busch products

Anheuser-Busch’s woes are accelerating as Bud Light’s sales continue on a downward spiral and the fallout of partnering with transgender Dylan Mulvaney spreads to other brands for […]