‘Worsen their credit’: Obama official rips Biden admin mortgage rule

A former Obama administration official ripped a proposed Biden administration rule Thursday, saying it incentivized people to “worsen their credit.” “This is really convoluting the entire discip […]

Dick Durbin invites Chief Justice Roberts to give rare Congressional testimony

Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin invited Chief Justice John Roberts, or another justice whom he designates, to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s upcoming hearing on Supreme […]

‘Disastrous’: Janet Yellen warns against economically decoupling from China

The United States has no desire to economically decouple from China as it would have catastrophic consequences, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a Thursday speech at […]

GOP welcomes ANOTHER Democrat who just ditched his party: ‘We are being pushed out’

Freshman West Virginia egate Elliot Pritt, who is also a teacher, just ivered bad news to Democrats, declaring that he is switching parties and becoming a […]

Washington to become the 10th state to ban the sale of ‘assault weapons’

Democratic Washington Governor Jay Inslee is expected to sign a massive ban on so-called “assault weapons” into law after lawmakers in the progressive state passed House Bill […]

African official urges nations to unite against ‘environmental manipulation techniques’ funded by leftist billionaires

A Nigerian climate scientist is out with a column for The New York Times in which he demands that leftist billionaires like Bill Gates and George Soros […]

Ignorant leftists cheer when Dan Bongino announces he’s out at Fox News

Conservative commentator and TV host Dan Bongino is officially out at Fox News, reportedly because of an inability to “come to terms on an extension.” “I’ve got […]

Don Lemon pops off losing gun debate: ‘When you are in black skin … then you can disagree with me’

Vivek Ramaswamy, who just declared his 2024 presidential candidacy for the Republican nomination, absolutely pounded CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday, as the perpetually offended leftist to offense […]

‘AI can kill us’ but lawmakers in charge of regulation are unprepared ‘intellectually and resource-wise’: report

In interviews this week with Fox News, a number of Democrat and Republican members of Congress discussed the disturbing contrast between how little they know about artificial […]

Leftists, BLM rioters clash with Ohio police in violent scenes, journos try to spin it as ‘peaceful’

BLM activists, far-left instigators, and Akron, Ohio, police faced off on Copley Road on Wednesday after a grand jury decd on Monday to indict eight police officers […]

State abortion laws may sway where students attend college: Poll

State abortion laws may be swaying students’ decisions about their college futures, according to study results first published by Gallup on Thursday. Approximately 72% of currently enrolled […]

Biden’s DEA chief under investigation for allegedly handing out massive no-bid contracts to past colleagues: Report

The Biden administration’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) chief is under investigation for allegedly handing no-bid contracts worth millions of dollars to previous colleagues, The Associated Press reported […]