Schools reinstate mask mandates as COVID cases rise, but do they really protect students?

(Video Credit: Fox News) Fox News contributor Dr. Marty Makary criticized school districts for reinstating mask mandates in classrooms as COVID cases rise, openly defying numerous studies […]

Indiana woman who confronted pastor for having sex with her at age 16 recalls living in a mental ‘prison’

An Indiana woman who confronted her pastor about their sexual relationship from decades ago admits she was tired of living in a “prison of lies and deceit. […]

Five Dems make list of top contenders to take Joe Biden’s place if he bows out in 2024

So it’s the question everyone is asking: will he or won’t he? The “he,” of course, is Joe Biden, and political pundits are wondering whether he’ll seek […]

Kirk Cameron slams public schools for grooming kids with CRT, ‘racial confusion’ and ‘sexual chaos’

(Video Credit: Fox News) Actor Kirk Cameron shredded the public school system for becoming a depraved breeding ground for far-left progressive agendas including Critical Race Theory, gender […]

Blaming mental health for mass shooting ‘intentionally disingenuous’, insults people with mental issues, expert says

The left has produced an expert who squarely blames the Uvalde massacre on guns, not on the mental health shortcomings of the psychotic killer who brutally and […]

Biden reportedly frustrated with WH comms team for undermining his authority, clarifying his comments

President Joe Biden is allegedly fed up with the White House communications team undermining his authority and hurriedly issuing statements to clarify his gaffetastic public . Biden’s […]

Alleged reason behind beating of Asian man on NYC subway far cry from what went viral

We’re now hearing from the man who filmed the beating of an Asian man in a New York City subway station, and he is emphatic that the […]

Dramatic footage shows neighbor save drowning 4-year-old autistic boy from pool, perform CPR for 3 minutes

In a world starved for a morsel of good news, an incredible video out of Kansas shows a man saving his neighbor’s four-year-old autistic son after the […]

Grandpa of Uvalde victim says America is no longer ‘One nation under God’: ‘We’re under guns’

(Video: MSNBC) Media descended on Uvalde, Texas in the aftermath of last week’s horrific mass murder at a local elementary school, seeking out the grieving family members […]

‘American as apple pie’: LA Times columnist invokes white supremacy in ‘Latino-on-Latino’ school shooting

A Los Angeles Times columnist wrote an article expressing his utter shock that the shooter in the Uvalde massacre was Latino and then predictably shifted the blame […]

Stephen Moore: House GOP trust-busting bill is an economic disaster

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. With President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda in ruins, Democrats want to blame Big Business […]

RF Gun
Supreme Court expected to expand gun rights as Biden, Trudeau drop the hammer on handguns

With President Joe Biden making noise about banning 9mm handguns, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introducing legislation to freeze handgun sales, the Supreme Court is about […]