While Americans struggle, Capitol police and House staff will get Peloton memberships with your tax dollars

Capitol Police gifted with free Peloton memberships by House of Representatives at taxpayers’ expense The House of Representatives has announced it will give free Peloton memberships to […]

Parents find 15-yr-old abducted from Dallas Maverick’s game through sex trafficking site, demand answers

(Video Credit: WFAA) A 15-year-old teenager who went to a Dallas Mavericks game with her dad, became part of a living nightmare when she went to the […]

Biden expected to push cities to hire more police with stimulus, blame Republicans for rising crime

In a preview of President Joe Biden’s remarks Friday, the White House said he will urge cities to hire more police using federal stimulus funds. Ostensibly in […]

Jankowicz says ‘trustworthy’ VIPs like herself should edit others’ tweets–Musk responds with one word

President Biden’s appointed director of the administration’s newly-formed Disinformation Governance Board believes “trustworthy” verified accounts on Twitter — accounts, not surprisingly, like her own — should be […]

‘Betrayed!’ Ex-top John McCain aide unloads on former boss, then picks off Lincoln Project phonies one by one

Republican political strategist Steve Schmidt went on an extended tear via social media, podcasts, and the media to shred everyone who has left the Lincoln Project, the […]

‘Outnumbered’ rips Buttigieg: Where is he? Guessing he’s not running out of baby formula any time soon

(Video: Fox News) President Joe Biden and the hardest-working transportation secretary of all time, Pete Buttigieg, are making sure the baby formula shortage – a bona fide […]

Shocking footage shows moment man ambushed, murdered while filling gas tank in broad daylight

The Philadelphia Police Department has released surveillance footage that shows the brazen and deadly ambush assault on a man who was filling his gas tank at a […]

What’s the end game? Ingraham says Chinese are snatching up thousands of acres of American farmland

(Video: Fox News) As the price of food soars and an increasing number of Americans are finding their grocery store shelves on the bare side of stocked, […]

Gutfeld panel hilariously debate why ‘Scary Poppins’ is perfect to head disastrous ‘Ministry of Truth’

(Video Credit: Fox News) Fox News host Greg Gutfeld cheerfully tore into President Joe Biden’s new disinformation czar, Nina Jankowicz, who is heading up the administration’s so-called […]

‘Truly amazing’: Look what Cori Bush admits about the war package she and entire Squad voted for

Journalist Glenn Greenwald used Rep. Cori Bush’s own words against her in a revealing quote where she admits that a large part of the $40 billion Ukrainian […]

‘Setting up for possible 2024 run?’ Pence breaks with Trump in major campaign move

In another sign that former Vice President Mike Pence probably won’t be joining Trump on a possible 2024 presidential ticket, Pence has announced that he has endorsed […]

‘Shame on you!’ Bette Midler slammed for CALLOUS take on baby formula shortage

Let’s face it: In her waning years, Bette Midler has practically made a new career for herself posting tone-deaf, uneducated rants on Twitter, but when she took […]

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